X Launches Its Ad Revenue Sharing Program for Creators Globally, Monthly Users Hits New High

X launches its ad revenue sharing program with global creators. Now content creators who publish on the platform can earn income from their activity. After the first payments, the number of X’s users continues to grow and the company registered a new high of new users on the platform.

X shares ad revenue with content creators

X, which was formerly called Twitter, has radically changed its attitude toward users. The company opened up the opportunity for them to become content creators if they meet certain criteria. Last month, X began sharing ad revenue with verified creators. This was done in order to keep the best creators on their platform and attract new talent, too. This would bring a new influx of users to X, which would benefit both the platform and advertisers. At the same time, content creators make money by having their readers see ads under their tweets. In fact, it is a win-win relationship for all parties.

X’s Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program expands globally

On Friday, X announced that its Ads Revenue Sharing program is now available to eligible creators worldwide. This means that content creators from all over the world will now receive payouts according to the program. According to Elon Musk, the first round of payouts aims to give away $5 million. It should be noted that the payment to creators has been accumulating since February. So far, some creators have reported receiving substantial amounts ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars earned between February and June.

Conditions for participation in the program

To be eligible, X users need to subscribe to Blue or Verified Organizations. They must have at least 15 million views for all posts in the last three months. In addition, users must have at least 500 followers.

X monetizes ads shown in replies to creators’ posts. That is, ads shown in the X timeline do not count. This encourages creators to post things that generate a lot of discussion. In order to prevent users from abusing the publication of contraversion content, there are certain restrictions. For example, sexual content, violence, criminal behavior, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and enrichment schemes are not allowed. Also, copyrighted content that creators do not own, cannot be monetized.

The number of X’s users is growing

The hotly-discussed payoffs of X attracted wide attention. A lot of people who were previously skeptical about X began to question their perception of the platform. It also stimulated an influx of new users who could also participate in the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program.

In this regard, X continues to see an increase in the number of users. Musk has shared a chart showing that monthly X’s users hit a new high in 2023. The growth is even more impressive given that the platform is getting rid of bot accounts. The chart shows that X reached 541.5 million monthly users.

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