La location de panneaux solaires est-elle une alternative économique ?

a boon for individuals in 2024

According to MoneyVox, residential solar presents itself as a promising solution to counter the constant rise in electricity prices. This statement is supported by Sylvain Le Falher, co-founder of Hello Watt, who declares: “It’s one of the best investments to make for individuals: it’s profitable, it has impact, it’s no risky and it adds value to a home. »

A very beneficial drop in material prices 🌞

The solar panel and inverter market has seen a price drop of almost 25% in one year. This trend is reversed for electricity prices which have increased by 38% in the same period of time, making solar installation increasingly attractive for households. Solar installation is no longer simply a question of ecology, but it is becoming an economic necessity.

Monitoring photovoltaic production via the Hello Watt application 📱

To maximize the benefits of self-consumption, Hello Watt has developed an application allowing users to monitor the production of their photovoltaic panels in real time. This functionality allows you to visualize, hour by hour, the share of the electricity produced which is consumed or resold on the network. By offering such transparency, individuals can better manage their consumption and optimize the profitability of their installation.

Other initiatives to combat rising energy prices

In addition to solar self-consumption, other means are being explored to reduce energy costs and make housing more efficient.

1. Wall insulation from the outside 🏠

In June, Hello Watt launched a new exterior wall insulation offer, the cheapest on the market, to improve the energy efficiency of homes. Insulation is essential to reduce heating and cooling needs, contributing to substantial savings in the long term.

2. French energy efficiency efforts 💪

A recent study by Hello Watt, based on data from 400,000 users, shows that the French reduced their electricity and gas consumption by 15% during the winter of 2023-2024 compared to the winter of 2021-2022 . This energy sobriety is partly achieved thanks to monitoring applications such as Hello Watt, which encourages users to adopt energy-saving behaviors.

3. Simplification of aid for energy renovation 📝

An article written by Hello Watt proposes several measures to simplify access to energy renovation aid. Among these, the unification of the various existing aids into a single aid, automatically deducted from the estimate, would greatly facilitate the procedures for individuals. Simplified and more stable assistance would encourage many owners to embark on energy renovation projects.

Resilience to climate change and future commitments

The AMIF 2024 Show, focused on the resilience of territories in the face of climate change, saw Hello Watt reiterate its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. In 2023, Hello Watt’s activities in energy renovation and installation of photovoltaic panels made it possible to avoid the emission of 70,000 tonnes of CO2. The ambitious objective set for 2027 is to exceed one million tonnes of CO2 avoided.


Solar self-consumption, coupled with other initiatives such as wall insulation and the adoption of energy-saving behavior, offers a complete solution to significantly reduce household energy costs. Technological innovations, simplified financial aid and the commitment of companies like Hello Watt play a crucial role in the energy transition of individuals. Thus, opting for self-consumption is not only an ecological choice, but a wise economic decision in 2024.

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