Rivian announces its financial results for the first quarter of 2024: between growth and challenges

a new chapter for the electric vehicle industry

The emergence of electric vehicles (EV) in Europe has just reached a notable new milestone with the first appearance of Rivian, an American EV brand, on the continent. This sighting was captured by Felix Hamer, known as @electricfelix on social media, who shared his experience while traveling to Berlin.

Rivian observation by Felix Hamer

Felix Hamer, an electric vehicle enthusiast and influencer, recently shared his excitement on Twitter after seeing a Rivian for the first time in Europe. “Recently, on the way to Berlin, I spotted my first Rivian 🇪🇺 unfortunately behind the wheel, but let’s enjoy this view,” he tweeted. This sighting is significant, as it marks the first time a vehicle from this promising brand has been seen on European roads, perhaps symbolizing the start of a new era for Rivian outside the United States.

Importance of Rivian in the electric vehicle market

Rivian is recognized for its innovative contributions to the electric vehicle industry, notably with its electric pickup and SUV models designed for adventure. Founded in 2009, the company quickly captured attention with its rugged designs and all-terrain capabilities, while placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. Their entry into the European market represents not only a geographic expansion but also an opportunity for Rivian to test the reception of its products in a market known for its strict environmental standards and rapid adoption of green technologies.

Challenges and opportunities for Rivian in Europe

Europe, with its green initiatives and incentives for electric vehicles, offers fertile ground for Rivian. However, the market is already highly competitive, with established players like Tesla and Volkswagen. Rivian will need to navigate a complex landscape of regulations, consumer preferences and logistical challenges. However, this first sighting is a promising sign that Rivian can attract attention in saturated markets, offering an alternative for adventure and sustainability enthusiasts.


The first sighting of Rivian in Europe by Felix Hamer is a pivotal moment for the brand in its international expansion. This not only increases Rivian’s visibility but also stimulates dialogue on the diversification of EV options in Europe. Over time, it will be interesting to see how Rivian adapts and thrives in such a competitive and regulated environment.


This observation was made possible thanks to Felix Hamer, aka @electricfelix, whose dedication to documenting and sharing developments in the world of electric vehicles continues to inspire and inform the global community. For more updates on his travels and sightings, follow him on Twitter.

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