TG Lynes Pioneers Sustainable Urban Logistics with Electric Truck Deployment in London

In a landmark move for sustainable transport, TG Lynes, a leading supplier of heating, plumbing, and air movement materials, has commenced operations with one of London’s first 7.5-tonne electric trucks. This initiative, led by the Enfield-based company, underscores its commitment to eco-friendly business practices and positions it at the vanguard of the green transport movement.

TG Lynes has partnered with UK-based Tevva to incorporate their state-of-the-art battery-electric truck into their fleet, marking a significant step towards their goal of achieving net zero emissions. “We are delighted to take ownership of this Tevva truck, which represents a pivotal advancement in our sustainability journey,” said Andrew Ingram, Managing Director of TG Lynes. He highlighted the disparity between the burgeoning electric passenger car market and the slower adoption rates in electric commercial vehicles, emphasizing the critical need for more businesses to embrace this technology.

The Tevva 7.5-tonne truck boasts a range of up to 140 miles (227 kilometres) on a single charge from its 105 kWh battery, showcasing the practicality and efficiency of electric vehicles (EVs) in heavy-duty transport. Despite heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) comprising just two percent of road traffic, they contribute over a quarter of road transport emissions, making their electrification a high-impact strategy for pollution reduction.

“Adding electric trucks to fleets will considerably reduce air pollution and support Britain’s drive towards net zero,” commented Kay Jarvis, Tevva’s Business Operations Director. The truck is one of only three vehicles in its weight class to receive eligibility for the government’s plug-in truck grant (PITrG), reflecting its significance in the UK’s transition to cleaner transport solutions.

TG Lynes’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond its vehicle fleet. In the previous year, the company integrated Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) vehicles into its 18-tonne fleet, which are 90 percent more carbon efficient. The company has also installed a 10,000-litre HVO tank and a new electric dropside van at its headquarters, alongside a 110kw solar system that supplies over 50% of the energy needed for its operations.

Andrew Ingram asserts that sustainability is a core ethos for the company: “From optimizing fuel combustion to making sustainable choices in electricity purchasing, recycling, and selecting ethical suppliers, we are taking comprehensive measures to minimize our environmental impact.”

As TG Lynes continues to supply a vast array of products and services, including an extensive plant hire service, its pioneering efforts in sustainable logistics set a benchmark for the industry, proving that environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand with business innovation and efficiency.

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