Analysts Expect Tesla to Deliver About 447K Vehicles in Q2

The last day of Q2 2023 is ending, and Tesla will soon publish delivery data. Analysts have different expectations, but the consensus is close to 447,000 units.

Tesla delivery data for Q2

Friday is the last day of Q2 2023 and investors and fans of the company are waiting for the final delivery data. The company showed strong performance throughout the quarter and especially excelled in June. The data is expected to be published this weekend. Therefore, analysts have already published their expectations to give their firms’ clients an idea of what to expect.

Analysts expect strong delivery data

Analysts at investment firms reported their expectations. The Wall Street consensus is around 445,000 vehicles, according to FactSet. Bloomberg estimates that Tesla will deliver about 448,000 vehicles in the second quarter. In general, forecasts are quite optimistic, which is becoming the new normal.

Previously, Wall Street had significantly underestimated Tesla, and often expected much lower deliveries than the company actually delivered. After several years of repeated mistakes, analysts finally began to more soberly assess the company and its potential.

Tesla shares its own consensus based on 27 analysts’ expectations

In addition to the data collected by Bloomberg and FactSet, Tesla also conducts its own assessment. The manufacturer has collected data from 27 firms that cover Tesla. The company said that in Q2 2023, they expect Tesla to deliver 446,823 vehicles. These include 15,800 Model S and Model X and 430,123 Model 3 and Model Y. These analysts predict that the company will be able to deliver 1,832,049 vehicles in 2023, in line with Tesla’s own forecast.

The list of the firms from which Tesla generated the data: Baird, Barclays, Bernstein, Bank of America, Canaccord, Citibank, Cowen, Daiwa, Deutsche Bank, Evercore ISI, Exane BNP, Goldman Sachs, Guggenheim, Jefferies, JP Morgan, Mizuho, ​ Morgan Stanley, New Street Research, Oppenheimer, Piper Sandler, RBC, Truist, Tudor, UBS, Wedbush, Wells Fargo, and Wolfe.

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