Tesla Tops Loyalty Ranking Among US Brands, January-April

Tesla topped the loyalty ranking among all brands in the USA throughout January-April 2023. The manufacturer received the highest rating, surpassing competitors and lowering their ratings. The achievement did not go unnoticed, despite the fact that Tesla was evaluated among luxury brands.

Tesla produces desirable cars

Just a few years ago, Tesla was a young startup that was trying to launch its first car. Today, the company has become the main competitor for all car manufacturers, as the speed of its development continues to amaze. The company’s customer base is constantly growing because owning a Tesla car is not only stylish but also extremely beneficial for the environment.

Today, the company produces millions of cars. Tesla is forecast to deliver around 1.8 million units this year alone. The company knows how to earn the love of consumers, and indeed does so to the fullest. As consumers line up to get a Tesla, traditional automakers continue to lose customers, the data show. A study by S&P Global in the US found that Tesla is the brand that attracts new customers the most and is able to retain them longer than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Tesla wins customer loyalty

According to the data, Tesla achieved 68% brand loyalty throughout January-April (inclusive). This is the highest rating among all brands on the market. Although Tesla has only been compared to other luxury brands, this achievement has not gone unnoticed. It is followed by Ford, 8.5 points behind, with 59.5% brand loyalty. In third place is Chevrolet with 57.1%. Subaru with 53.6% and Nissan with 53.2% are in fourth and fifth places respectively.

Tesla drew customers from competitors

Notably, Tesla is the only brand in the US that retains more customers than it loses. This means that some of its customers are leaving other brands to buy a Tesla car. In the first four months of 2023, 7% of MINI customers left the company for Tesla. The same scenario was followed by 6.4% of Honda customers, 5% of Toyota, 4.8% of Volkswagen, 4.5% of Chrysler, 3.8% of Subaru, and more from many other companies.

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