Boring Co. Receives Permission to Expand Vegas Loop to 69 Stations

Clark County commissioners have approved the Boring Company’s new plans to expand the Vegas Loop. The company could add 18 new stations and about 25 miles of tunnels, bringing it up to 65 miles and 69 stations.

The Boring Company continues its development in Las Vegas

The Boring Company continues its development in Las Vegas with a new expansion plan. The proposed new map was submitted to the city of Las Vegas in March. It depicts dozens of tunnels traversing the city to reach more casinos, shopping areas, the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, and even residential areas. The documents showed that the proposed new transportation system consisted of 69 stations and 65 miles of tunnels.

Vegas Loop expansion gets approval from local authorities

On Thursday, the Boring Company shared great news. Clark County commissioners approved the company’s new plans to expand the Vegas Loop. The Boring Co. may add 18 new stations and about 25 miles of tunnels. After the project is completed, the total length of the tunnels will be 65 miles, along which 69 stations will be placed.

The tunnel system branches out to important sites in the city

The stations will branch out several blocks from the city center. Five stations would serve the University of Nevada, and Allegiant Stadium would get extra links to the west of the city. Harry Reid International Airport will have several stations surrounding it. However, none of them will serve the passenger terminal.

The documents also showed that a new tunnel was planned to run parallel to the Strip. It will have several stations. There is a possibility that this could create a high-speed “express” route between the north and south of the city. A similar artery connects east and west Las Vegas.

Vegas Loop is operated by Tesla vehicles

To date, the entire loop is served by about 70 Tesla vehicles. They travel between five stations that are two miles apart. Construction took nearly three years and was primarily funded by a $52.5 million contract with the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). The sixth station is due to open this summer. Under the new plan, the Boring Co. plans to begin construction on the expansion this summer and complete it by February 2024. However, it remains unclear whether these dates refer to the entire expansion or to a specific stage of it.

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