Q2 2020 : Tesla’s results


Tesla has sent to all its shareholders the report for the second quarter of 2020 containing the financial results but also the progress of the Californian brand in its various fields. So we'll see what's going on. VERY GOOD FINANCIAL RESULTS Despite the crisis that is still being felt in this quarter's results due to covid-19 limited production and confinement including the closure of the Fremont plant for half the quarter, Tesla continues to make money. Indeed, Tesla wanted to highlight to its shareholders an increase in cash flow of $535 million, bringing it to $8.6 billion. This is due in part

First certified electric aircraft: What future for electric aviation?

During the month of June, the Slovenian company Pipistrel announced that it had certified the world's first electric aircraft: the Velis Electro. It is a plane that can be recharged in one hour, allowing 5 hours of autonomy at 250 km/h and ensuring the comfort and safety of its 2 passengers. This gives specialists the opportunity to examine the interest and feasibility of electric aviation. Let's come back to the words of Bruno Guimbal, aeronautical engineer, creator of "Hélicoptères Guimbal" and Gilles Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO of Faraday Aerospace. The Velis Electro, the first electric aircraft certified by EASA. ©Pipistrel WHAT'S THE STATUS

Interview with Sylvain Chereau, PSA’s electric vehicle product manager

According to statistics, the Peugeot e-208 is the second most registered electric vehicle in the period from January to May 2020. We then had the opportunity to talk to Sylvain Chéreau, PSA's electric vehicle product manager, about their electric vehicle strategy. Here is this exclusive information: Tesla Mag: I need to understand the direction Peugeot is taking in electric. Through this model (the Peugeot e-208) will it open the way to other models that will be based on the same principle? Is it a shift, a new ambition or a showcase model like Renault did with the Zoé to say that

Tesla files complaint against Alameda County (+ Update 11.05.2020)


We were announcing an imminent reopening of the Fremont, California plant, and this is indeed Elon Musk's plan. However, there was a twist in the story as Tesla filed a lawsuit in Northern California court on Saturday, May 9 against the county of Alameda where the plant is located. The Facts Alameda County explained at a public meeting that the county had not given Tesla the green light to reopen immediately and that they would not be able to do so until June 1. What Tesla is blaming Alameda County for Upon reading the complaint, Tesla charges the following facts: On March 20, 2020, the

Tesla Model 3: Lost an aero hubcap?

You have a Tesla Model 3 with Aero wheel trims. Even if we have just explained here how to remove them and enjoy the very nice rims just underneath, we will explain you where to find the unique part. It's no big deal. So you love Aero hubcaps to the point of looking for a way to bridge the difference in tone between the wheels of your car? Unfortunately Tesla does not yet offer for sale a set containing only one Aero wheel trim. But on our forum, the member Taz22 has just pointed out that the set exists at 72€ each including

Tesla: production can resume in Detroit and California

tesla fremont usine

I think the Governors of California and Michigan are giving Elon Musk the greatest birth gift ever. What was missing until today was visibility for all manufacturers. Governors urge economic recovery California Governor Garvin Newsom and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer provided specific dates for the resumption of production. This lack of visibility on the reopening was a source of frustration for all car manufacturers, but Elon Musk was the first to express it on Twitter. Reopening dates The Detroit plants will be able to open on Monday, May 11. Not only Tesla, but also General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co and Fiat Chrysler will be

Tesla Energy becomes an electricity supplier


Tesla is conquering the European market with its Tesla Energy division. In the UK, Tesla has taken steps to become an electricity supplier. This should indicate a more rapid development of the storage solutions currently offered by Tesla. Indeed, the optimized electricity production thanks to the software would allow private individuals and companies to commercialize surplus energy. Logiciel Autobidder Software designed to regulate these operations Tesla has developed software called Autobidder. This software allows users of storage systems (Powerwall, Powerpack and photovoltaic installation) to market energy and make money from the energy produced from their own needs. It is the keystone of a project