Definitely, it can be confusing to want to understand politics in the United States, but one must recognize a certain spontaneity that can, on the lightest issues, make one smile.

Tesla would hesitate between Tusla and Austin

Lively exchanges between Alameda County and Elon Musk County in connection with the safe return to work for Tesla employees at Fremont have accelerated discussions between Tesla and Texas on many issues. Among these issues, the implementation of the next Cybertruck plant, the futuristic pickup truck whose failed video presentation (really?) is still making the buzz.

However, it would appear that the choice of Texas is not endorsed. Indeed, two cities would be in the process of winning the implantation of the third gigafactory in the USA: Austin in Texas and Tulsa in Oklahoma.

Cities are vying for tax advantages to encourage the establishment of this gigafactory which has all the characteristics to be strategic in the eyes of the world.

Why is the Cybertruck so inspiring?

We told you in our article on art but many industries are also very inspired by Cybertruck.

For construction and emergency response, the Cybertruck is acclaimed for its features and it is hard to disagree when looking at these images:

Emergency Response




These are not insignificant markets and Tesla responds to a very large number of use cases.

The mayor of Tusla is placing an order

Indeed, it seems obvious to the mayor that the establishment of the Tesla factory in Tusla will result in Cybertruck equipment for the city’s police. And it was on Twitter that G.T. Bynum announces that it wants to consume locally, mentioning Elon Musk.

In 10 hours, this tweet provoked 63 reactions which are not all positive but we retain the slogan TNT – Tesla in Tusla which has a future! Don’t you think so?

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