At Tesla Magazine we love to promote EV Owners and cars. @Drivenshadow is very active on Instagram and have a fantastic car. We let you discover this great electric car and what we can do, don’t hesitate to ask him how he did this fantastic job!

Tesla Owner Background

From vancouver I always pleased cars had a toyota Chr worked 50km away everyday gas prices where killing. My friend was car shopping and decided to take me to tesla and they decided to buyout my car and make the numbers work! Always loved matte black and got my white Tesla transformed by @aegis_paintshield.

Take a look inside its car

We love to promote fantastic car and this one looks like a boat from inside. Tesla logo is very impressive and the wood effect is great. This owner know how to manify its baby.

Disco is the new mode!

The exterior is dope!

Look at this black effect! It’s a full covering mode.


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