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Last year, Elon Musk announced the construction of his new Giga factory in Grünheide in the German region of Brandenburg. This number 4 Gigafactory will be added in 2021 to


Q2 2020 : Tesla’s results

Tesla has sent to all its shareholders the report for the second quarter of 2020 containing the financial results but also the progress of the Californian brand in its various

traitement ceramique tesla model 3

Ceramic treatment: we tell you everything! (+ garage partners)

The practice of ceramic treatment interests more and more members but still remains the greed of the initiates. I don't always understand all the motivations of owners of Tesla Model 3,


Cybertruck: Mayor of Tusla, Oklahoma wants to believe it

Definitely, it can be confusing to want to understand politics in the United States, but one must recognize a certain spontaneity that can, on the lightest issues, make one smile. Tesla

tesla model 3 Chine

Tesla Model 3: sales in China halved in April

In assessing the economic aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, China is a benchmark. Indeed, the country was deconfined on April 7, well before the Western countries. We communicated on the


Pokémon Go soon on Tesla?

Elon Musk has always taken the feedback from Tesla owners very seriously. Especially when the requested evolution brings a fun side to Tesla or when it concerns superchargers and these


Tesla files complaint against Alameda County (+ Update 11.05.2020)

We were announcing an imminent reopening of the Fremont, California plant, and this is indeed Elon Musk's plan. However, there was a twist in the story as Tesla filed a

Tesla Model 3: Lost an aero hubcap?

You have a Tesla Model 3 with Aero wheel trims. Even if we have just explained here how to remove them and enjoy the very nice rims just underneath, we

Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

Tesla Model 3: Transform Your Aero Wheels

Among the differences between the versions of Tesla Model 3 sold by Tesla are the rims. Indeed, with the standard longer-range and extended-range versions, you'll benefit from the aero wheels


Tesla more profitable than Ferrari?

You want to know how an analyst at Morgan Stanley compares Tesla to Ferrari? Following the publication of the financial results for Q1 2020, many analysts have commented on the


Cybertruck: Texas in good position to welcome production

Tesla CEO Elon Musk leaves no doubt that the next Cybertruck (Tesla's retro-futuristic pickup) will be produced in the US. States are competing for resources to influence this choice which


China: Tesla announces a 10% price cut

Tesla announced this Friday a 10% price cut on the Tesla Model 3 in China. In order to be eligible again for the subsidies granted by the Chinese government, we

Lu dans les médias

3 now! Which one is the best? What should you consider?

Why Lucid is really has Tesla’s balls up in the Air

Please feel free to check out @LivingEV for more information on the future of Lucid and also other sustainable transportation news. Today we will briefly touch up on the important

Tesla plans for ‘Modular Transportation pods’ for The Boring Company.

Modular Designs... The Future? For a condensed, easier to digest version please visit @LivingEV for more information. If you are interested in aftermarket parts for your EV or your home check Check


What should we expect from Lucid’s Unveiling on September 9, 2020?

For a quicker version of this, please visit @livingev on Instagram, but if your here for the details, you came to the right place! Credits: Lucid Air reveal on The