Japan Military May Adopt SpaceX’s Starlink

Japan’s military is set to adopt SpaceX’s Starlink, according to a report. The military is reportedly already testing the satellites and plans to implement the technology by the next fiscal year.

According to the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri (via Asia Financial), the country’s military is testing SpaceX’s Starlink. This move was made in order to strengthen their connection in the event of a military conflict. An unnamed government source said the Japanese military plans to implement the technology by the next fiscal year. The military has been testing Starlink at about ten different locations since March. As part of the tests, their capabilities are assessed and training is provided for use by the military.

Japan’s efforts followed intensifying military aggression from China and Russia. The country appreciated the work of SpaceX satellites in Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia in 2022. Starlink first received excellent fame and proved its performance in extreme conditions in this country defending itself from invaders. According to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Starlink systems are constantly being attacked by Russia but demonstrated excellent resilience. In order to achieve this level of protection, the Starlink team has worked hard.

Japan seeks to strengthen its communications system

Japan also plans to deploy military satellites used by the US and other countries as part of its plan, according to the report. The Japanese Defense Ministry already reportedly has access to communications satellites in geostationary orbit, but the use of Starlink technology will add a constellation of satellites to low Earth orbit. Ukraine’s experience has shown countries worldwide that they should strive to increase resilience to the risk of jamming or attacks on satellites in the event of a conflict.

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