Presentation of the Electric Mini

We are now going to present the electric Mini, whose thermal version is well known, which can be compared with the two best-selling city cars, the Renault Zoé and the Peugeot e-208.

Mini électrique


As far as the engine is concerned, Mini has chosen a 135 kW (184 hp) engine, which is powerful for a city car. This power, together with the maximum torque of 270 Nm/min, enables the car to reach 250 km/h and exceed 100 km/h in 7.3s, better than the city cars of Renault and Peugeot. Mini wanted the electric model to resemble the thermal model as closely as possible.

Mini électrique intérieur

The electric Mini has several interesting features. Indeed, 4 driving modes are available, a 5.8” screen with eDrive system will indicate the location of the charging stations, and a heat pump will regulate the temperature. In addition, the roof can be opened. All these features are available on the Greenwich version, but to have access to the intelligent LED lights for greater visibility, the HiFi system, the head-up display and a higher level of design, you will have to opt for the higher version, the Yours.


The 32-kWh battery provides a WLTP range of 232 km, more than 100 km less than its two main competitors, the Zoé and the e-208. However, for short trips, there’s no need for more.

Several means of loading are possible.

First of all, at home, on a domestic outlet, it will take more than 14 hours to recharge the car. But it is also possible to get a WallBox terminal (about 1000 euros) with several charging powers available to speed up the charging process to a few hours. A 2 7.4kW mode cable is supplied with the car and a 3 11kW mode cable is optional.

Mini électrique
Version Yours

Then, it will be possible to connect to the public terminals thanks to the ChargeNow partner network, which will provide access to numerous terminals. Depending on the charging cable, this will also take a few hours.

Finally, the quick charging stations can also be used for a full recharge in 30 minutes thanks to the 50kW charger.


As we have seen, the Mini’s city car is more powerful than other city cars but also much less autonomous, and its recharge is slower. We can therefore think that the car is especially interesting for those who want to use it exclusively on short trips and who want a sporty and comfortable drive.

What’s more, it seems to have some very pleasant features, including a sunroof, which is quite rare. The design is also quite customizable and can seduce potential buyers.

Mini électrique

In terms of price, the electric Mini costs 37600 or 40800 euros depending on the version chosen, which is a little more expensive than the city cars of Renault and Peugeot but remains in the same price range.

La Mini électrique en résumé

  • A range of 232 km.
  • A price starting at 37600 euros.
  • Charging in 3 hours at home and in 35 minutes on the 100 kW fast charging stations.
  • A use for urban journeys.