SpaceX Delivers Hundreds of Starlinks to Help Flood Victims in Italy

SpaceX has delivered hundreds of Starlinks to help flood victims in Italy. The company, with the help of Tesla, helps the region in a critical situation, just as it did by providing urgent assistance to Ukraine after the war started.

Climate change is leading to disaster

The Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy has been hit by severe flooding this week. According to estimates, this was the worst flood in the country in the last 100 years, killing 14 people. In recent years, due to climate change, the region has suffered greatly from drought. Because of this, the soil became compacted, which meant that it could not absorb a significant amount of rainfall. Huge streams of water flowed into the rivers and more than 20 of them overflowed their banks. In addition, about 280 landslides were recorded. In total, about 41 cities were affected and more than 20,000 people were left without a roof over their heads.

Establishing communication is paramount

The number of victims continues to grow. Hospitals, police, critical services, and town halls have been cut off, and the region is experiencing power problems. Communications also suffered, and it is difficult for rescuers to coordinate their actions. In this situation, establishing communication is one of the most important tasks.

In a critical situation for people, SpaceX comes to the rescue again. The company joined forces with Starlink, Tesla, and Unipol Gruppo to help people affected by the flood. The company will make every effort to provide internet connectivity, facilitating rescue operations. SpaceX has supplied hundreds of Starlink Terminals that continue to arrive in the region. Andrea Stroppa/Twitter shared photos of deliveries with Eva Fox.

Image: Andrea Stroppa/Twitter

Elon Musk companies often help in critical situations

This is not the first time Elon Musk’s companies have joined forces to help people in a critical situation. They have also worked together to provide assistance in Tonga, Turkey, and Ukraine. SpaceX is currently repositioning its satellites in such a way as to prioritize Emilia-Romagna.

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