A WA Police car with technology that allows officers to maintain communications no matter where they are in the state.(ABC Pilbara: Peter de Kruijff)

Starlink Deployed by Western Australia Police Force

Western Australia Police have announced plans to invest $8.5 million in Starlink equipment and internet services. The initiative aims to provide reliable connectivity to 550 police vehicles and 129 regional police stations across the state.

Western Australia Police are looking to improve their services. As part of this, $8.5 million was allocated for Starlink equipment and services. It will be installed across the region, providing reliable communications to 550 police vehicles and 129 regional police stations across the state. The final decision to roll out comes after the Starlink service was tested by officers, including water police, for three months in remote areas.

The project is expected to significantly benefit both daily patrols and specialist police teams. There are areas in the state with limited cellular or radio coverage. Now, officers working in such areas will have access to critical information in real time. Officers will also be able to stream live footage from body cameras and vehicle cameras to the Government Operations Command Center in Perth. An internet connection will also give them access to images from aircraft and surveillance cameras. These capabilities will enhance situational awareness on the front lines and facilitate real-time decision-making during emergencies.

The initiative is welcomed by the police

Western Australia Police are the first in the world to gain widespread access to Starlink services on this scale. This initiative will ensure that regional officers have access to high-quality communications services. Officers will now have high-speed internet access regardless of their location within the state.

Police Minister Paul Papalia noted that Western Australia’s police force operates in one of the world’s largest geographic police districts. Therefore, he highly appreciated such an initiative. With the introduction of Starlink, officers will for the first time have comprehensive communications coverage that will give them the tools they need to effectively perform their duties.

“This sort of technology is going to prove very worthwhile for every department and many other activities across government,” said Papalia. “So I’m sure everyone will be watching carefully and learning from what we do.”

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