X CEO Linda Yaccarino, on stage at the 2023 Code Conference.

X Recaptures 90% of Top 100 Advertisers, CEO Linda Yaccarino Says

X managed to return 90% of the top 100 advertisers, CEO Linda Yaccarino said. Thanks to this, the company could become profitable by the beginning of 2024, she stressed.

Advertisers return to X

X CEO Linda Yaccarino spoke Wednesday at Vox Media’s annual Code Conference. She said the platform is a safe place for brands, highlighting that 90% of the top 100 advertisers have already returned to the platform. Yaccarino added that in the last three months alone, about 1,500 advertisers have again used digital platform X to advertise their brand.

“Ninety percent of the top 100 advertisers have returned to the platform,” she said. “In the past 12 weeks alone, about 1,500 have returned.”

X focuses on freedom of expression

Before X, formerly Twitter, was purchased by Elon Musk, it allowed its users to express their thoughts under censorship. Management deliberately banned or reduced the visibility of some accounts at the request of the government, which was revealed in the so-called Twitter files. However, Musk is committed to providing users with freedom of speech and expression. The reluctance to work in accordance with the shadow demands of the US government led to the fact that a directed fight began to be waged against X on different levels. This, in turn, scared off advertisers who wanted to distance themselves from the controversy so as not to harm the brand. This turn of events resulted in X’s loss of income. To make the platform more stable, Musk appointed Yaccarino, who is a former advertising director at NBCUniversal. One of her most important tasks was the return of advertisers.

“Freedom of speech is only successful if someone you disagree with says something you disagree with,” Yaccarino said.

The platform is being improved

It is natural that a radical change in the company’s management leads to fundamental changes in management methods. X is not guided by old Twitter principles, which have shown their unreliability but relies on new ones. Times of change are like the sea during a storm, yet without it, it would have been impossible to build a great product.

X continues to improve daily. According to Yaccarino, X partners with independent companies to evaluate content on its site. It is also hiring new staff in its sales, partnerships, and brand safety teams—teams that work directly with advertisers. She also said X takes election integrity very seriously, and continues to fight anti-Semitism on the platform.

“The velocity of change and the scope of ambition at X really does not exist anywhere else,” Yaccarino said.

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