Tesla Adds V4 Supercharger at Giga Berlin

Tesla adds V4 stalls to its Supercharger station at Giga Berlin. At the moment, Tesla already has six V4 Supercharger sites in Europe and the pace of installation is accelerating.

V4 Supercharger installed at Giga Berlin

Tesla is accelerating the pace of installation of its new V4 Superchargers in Europe. According to a post by @EstherKokkelman/X, the company has begun installing new piles at the charging station at Giga Berlin. According to a post on Monday, V4 piles have been added to the V3 piles installed there. However, according to more recent information, all V3 piles will be replaced with brand-new chargers.

According to Esther, the new V4 piles are equipped with a display and contactless card reader. She shared some photos taken by @EinfachFelyx/X. This Supercharger station is covered with a solar canopy to make electric vehicle charging environmentally friendly.

V4 Supercharger station at Giga Berlin is the sixth of its kind

The updated Supercharger station on the territory of Tesla’s European factory has become the sixth of its kind in Europe. The site is equipped with 20 separate stalls. At the moment, the charging power on the V3 and V4 piles is the same and equal to 250 kW. The V4 is expected to offer more power, as the Supercharger project description in the UK suggests. According to the submitted documents, the V4 Supercharger will have a power of 350 kW.

A new type of Supercharger opened in different parts of Europe

The first V4 Supercharger site was installed in the Netherlands in March 2023. It consists of 16 stalls. The second is located in France and has 12 stalls, including one for larger vehicles or vehicles with trailers. The world’s third V4 Supercharger station was also opened in France. The charging site contains eight stalls open to all brands of electric vehicles. The fourth was opened in Graz, Austria. Judging by the presented photos, there are eight stalls. However, according to the information, more stalls will be added at this location. The fifth V4 Supercharger site was also opened in France, in Rennes. It consists of 20 stalls.

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