SpaceX Conducts Static Fire Tests of Booster 9 Super Heavy

SpaceX conducted static fire tests of the Booster 9 Super Heavy. The data obtained will help prepare for the future Starship flight, which may take place this fall.

SpaceX conducts static fire tests of Booster 9 Super Heavy

Last Sunday, SpaceX conducted a static fire test of its new Super Heavy vehicle. During the test, 33 engines were ignited. The results will help improve the vehicle before the company tries to put Starship into orbit again. The new Booster 9 has been successfully tested and is in good condition.

SpaceX installed a flame deflector on the launch pad

To improve, SpaceX installed a flame deflector, or water deluge system, at Starship’s launch pad. Its testing took place at the end of July and has been successful. Ground systems with a sophisticated water system also helped protect the vehicle and launch pad during Sunday’s test. The water system consists of a steel plate under the rocket through which high-pressure jets of water are fired. This is done in order to offset the heat and acoustic energy of the 33 Raptor engines. During the tests, the system left a huge vapor cloud, which was expected.

This protection system has been developed in recent months. It was part of an improvement in response to the results of Starship’s first launch on April 20. Then, the existing concrete reinforcement under the rocket did not withstand the pressure and heat from the vehicle’s engines and shattered into many pieces. SpaceX has over a thousand improvements to make before its next test launch. The company is looking for a new launch license, so it is gathering data to submit to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Four raptors stopped prematurely

The Booster 9 Super Heavy test on Sunday provided important data needed for further improvements. SpaceX has scheduled a test run of five seconds. However, it ended after 2.74 seconds. Four of the 33 engines stopped prematurely. SpaceX still has a lot of work to do before a second attempt takes place in the fall.

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