Tesla Celebrates 10 Years of Supercharging in Europe with a Day of Free Charging for All EVs

Tesla celebrates 10 years of Supercharging in Europe. The company started with six Supercharger sites in Norway and now has over 1,000 sites and over 13,000 stalls in Europe. In connection with this event, the company opens free charging for electric vehicles of any manufacturer for the day.

Tesla celebrates 10 years of Supercharging in Europe

Exactly 10 years ago, Tesla launched Supercharging in Europe. The company started with six sites in Norway, which was the beginning of its Supercharger network. Over 10 years later, the company has installed over 1,000 sites that offer access to over 13,000 charging stalls. On August 29, the manufacturer celebrates its anniversary, while giving gifts to owners of electric vehicles.

Tesla gives free charging to all EVs

Tesla Europe announced on X today that all of its Superchargers in Europe, which are open to all EVs, are offering free charging to all cars, regardless of make, throughout the day. It is worth noting that this is available on 70% of Tesla charging stations. This is great news for EV owners and a great way for the company to show its loyalty to all those who choose to drive electric vehicles. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, which is why the company promotes the spread of electric vehicles.

The Supercharging network is the widest in the world

The Tesla Supercharger Network was first introduced in September 2012. But, it has expanded dramatically, becoming the largest in the world. Tesla’s charging network gives the best user experience, according to numerous consumer surveys. The company currently has around 50,000 stalls in over 5,000 locations worldwide.

In May, Tesla began partnering with other automakers in North America on charging. Starting in 2024, EV owners of companies that have entered into the agreement will have access to the wide Supercharger network in North America. Starting in 2025, they will begin production of their electric vehicles with a Tesla charging port.

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