Tesla Giga Mexico to Start Car Production in 2024, Local Officials Expect

Tesla Giga Mexico will begin car production in 2024, local officials expect. All necessary permits for the construction of the factory must be received already in March.

New Tesla factory in Mexico

Gigafactory Mexico is Tesla’s new factory, announced last week. Nevertheless, preparations for its construction have already begun for some time, as the facts show. For the first time, the meeting between Tesla and officials of Nuevo León, the state where Giga Mexico will be built, has been known since October 2022, and important work has already been done since then.

Production will start in 2024

Nuevo León Governor, Samuel García, said the factory could start producing Tesla cars as early as next year. These will be next-generation electric vehicles built on the 3rd generation platform. The presentation of the new model could take place during the Giga Mexico groundbreaking event, which could take place soon.

Tesla may get building permits in March

Reuters reported that Tesla is in the final stages of obtaining approval from the government of Nuevo León to begin construction. García said in an interview that permits could be issued this month. He said he hoped construction would begin in March, although earlier information from local officials suggested that it would not happen until three months later.

“They are waiting for the final permits … once that’s done, they can start, hopefully, this very month, in March. I think by next year, in 2024, there will be the first autos,” said García.

Construction in less than nine months

As of now, Tesla has not given any further official information about Giga Mexico. However, it is known that the manufacturer aims to build the factory in less than nine months. Given the experience gained in the construction of Giga Shanghai, Giga Berlin, and Giga Texas, this goal seems quite realistic. The construction and start-up of production at the new factory will be overseen by Tom Zhu, known for his ability to achieve goals quickly.

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