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Tesla Hits Record Levels of Deliveries in Europe; Germany Leads

Tesla has reached a record level of deliveries in Europe. As of August, the company has delivered more vehicles than in all of 2022. Among all European countries, Germany is in the lead, having bought almost 20% of all cars delivered to the region.

Tesla ramps up production

The Texas manufacturer continues to ramp up production. This is evidenced by the constant increase in sales worldwide. On Wednesday, the company announced a new milestone: Giga Shanghai produced its 2 millionth car. Giga Berlin also continues to increase its influence. Although the factory is ramping production more slowly than expected, it is still going according to Tesla’s plan. Giga Berlin is producing about 16,000 vehicles per month, which are then shipped throughout Europe.

Tesla sets a record for deliveries of cars to Europe

The work of the company does not go unnoticed. On Wednesday, @EstherKokkelman shared Tesla’s performance in Europe on X. According to the data, in the first eight months of 2023, the company registered 237,556 vehicles in the region. This is Tesla’s new record. During the same period last year, the company registered just under 100,000 units. It is also worth noting that in the first eight months of 2023, Tesla sold more vehicles in Europe than in all of 2022, when 233,800 units were registered.

Germany, France and the UK are the largest markets in Europe

Tesla cars are most desired in the markets of Germany, France, the UK, and Norway. Germany is the clear leader. The country accounts for 19.8% of all European Tesla deliveries, which is impressive. Of course, Elon Musk made a very smart move by building a factory in the heart of the European automotive industry. Now, the Germans are gradually abandoning locally produced cars and changing to more environmentally friendly, American ones.

The French market accounts for 14.8% of all European deliveries or 35,262 units. The UK market accounts for 14% or 33,302 cars. The number of deliveries to Norway deserves special attention. The country‘s market accounts for 7.9% of all European sales or 18,771 units. Norway has been the European leader in the adoption of Tesla vehicles for several years. Critics of the company, as well as short sellers of TSLA shares, predicted for several years that demand there would soon disappear completely. However, as with most of their claims, they were wrong. Norway is the fourth largest Tesla market in Europe.

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