Tesla Shines at IAA Auto Show with Model 3, Optimus & Powerwall

Tesla shines at the IAA Auto Show in Munich, Germany. The company introduced Model 3, Optimus, Powerwall, and the V4 Supercharger, promoting a sustainable future.

IAA Mobility Auto Show has been started

The IAA Mobility Auto Show in Munich, Germany started on Tuesday. The show is in a state of flux and new offers are expanding the mobility mix in the city and the countryside. New mobility carriers, technologies, and start-ups are appearing on the scene. In addition, well-known brands, including Tesla, are represented here. You can experience these trends at IAA Mobility from September 5 to 10, 2023. Tesla Mag remains at the forefront and has also joined the Auto Show for a first-hand experience.

“This amazing place blends history and automotive passion in one location,” highlighted Armand Taïeb, founder and CEO of Tesla Mag, who attended the event.

Armand was also impressed by the contributions of XPENG and Lucid Motors, noting that “their bold approach promises to disrupt the future of mobility.” In addition, he believes that “the German titans embody the pinnacle of German ingenuity but also raise questions about their real commitment to innovation.”

Tesla shines at IAA Mobility Auto Show

Texas-based manufacturer had a relatively small booth where it posted the achievements of its work. As observation has shown, size is completely unimportant when it comes to filling quality.

“With a much smaller booth, Tesla managed to grab all the attention. This shows that quality and innovation often speak louder than size,” said Armand. In addition to him, many electric vehicle enthusiasts who attended the Auto Show noted that the Tesla booth was indeed very popular with the public. The Ford booth next door is about four times the size but failed to draw the attention that the Texas manufacturer did.

Tesla demonstrates its achievements

The company brought the updated Model 3 to the IAA. The cars became a real magnet for visitors who want to see the novelty up close. They studied them, opened and closed the doors, hoods and trunks, sat inside and asked a lot of questions to get as much information as possible. Tesla employees at the booth provided comprehensive information, answering questions. Visitors had the opportunity to sign up for a test drive.

Additionally, the company presented Model Y, which also aroused the great interest of visitors. Further, the booth featured the Optimus robot hidden behind glass, Powerwall, and the company’s new version of Supercharger—which is currently being installed across Europe—V4.

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