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Tesla Model 3 Key Specs Revealed in Regulatory Documents in China

Key features of the updated Tesla Model 3 that were previously unknown have now been revealed in regulatory filings in China. The cars use CATL and LG Energy Solution battery packs, although their capacity has not been revealed.

Tesla launches updated Model 3

On September 1, Tesla launched its updated Model 3. At the start of production, the car was only available to order in mainland China, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. There is no information yet on when it will be available for order and delivery in the US and Europe. However, Model 3 deliveries to Europe have been suspended until October-November, which could hint at when the cars might arrive there.

Tesla Model 3 details revealed in regulatory documents in China

Along with the presentation, Tesla only revealed some information about the car. It was more about changes to the exterior and interior. However, important details that are often of great interest to consumers were not mentioned. Now the new Model 3 has been included in the catalog of applications of the Chinese industrial regulator, which has made it possible to reveal its main characteristics.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) today released its latest catalog of soon-to-be-approved models for public comment. It includes the updated Tesla Model 3, as reported by CnEVPost. According to the information, the public can leave comments on the car between September 13 and 19. Cataloging is the last major regulatory process through which a model can be approved for sale in China.

Longer and more powerful

The catalog includes two versions of the new Model 3 with model numbers TSL7000BEVAR7 and TSL7000BEVBA4. According to the description, the length of the new Model 3 is 4720 mm, width is 1848 mm, height is 1442 mm, and wheelbase is 2875 mm. For comparison, the prior Model 3, which was previously supplied from China, has a length of 4,694 mm, a width of 1,850 mm, a height of 1,443 mm and a wheelbase of 2,875 mm.

According to the documentation, the new Model 3 features a 194 kW motor for the single-motor model and an additional 137 kW motor for the dual-motor model. The single-motor version is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries from CATL, while the dual-motor version is equipped with ternary lithium-ion batteries from LG Energy Solution. Information on the capacity of the packs is currently unknown.

Model 3 with one motor weighs 1760 kg. The two-motor version is 1823 kg. It is worth noting that the single-motor version of the new Model 3 is labeled “Tesla Model 3,” while the dual-motor version is labeled “Tesla Model 3+.”

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