You have a Tesla Model 3 with Aero wheel trims. Even if we have just explained here how to remove them and enjoy the very nice rims just underneath, we will explain you where to find the unique part.

It’s no big deal.

So you love Aero hubcaps to the point of looking for a way to bridge the difference in tone between the wheels of your car? Unfortunately Tesla does not yet offer for sale a set containing only one Aero wheel trim.

But on our forum, the member Taz22 has just pointed out that the set exists at 72€ each including shipping at Aliexpress.

You can buy it directly from them and tell us what you think? Usually the delays are rather long with Aliexpress but this remains to be tested.

We are not going to reference this product immediately on our shop because the demand is not important enough to date.

Anyway, the quality seems to us good enough to spread this solution to the greatest number to avoid unnecessary anguish to our members 🙂

So who’s gonna test it?

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