Tesla Model 3, Y & S Are Germany’s Most Popular Used Cars

Tesla Model 3, Model Y and Model S are the most popular vehicles on the used car market in Germany. Not a single car from the local Volkswagen even made it into the top 5.

Tesla revolutionizes the automotive market

Consumer interest in cars is constantly changing. However, in recent decades, several ambitious players have appeared on the market. One of the largest of them is the American Tesla. The manufacturer has entered a market—dominated by combustion engine vehicles for more than a century—with its electric vehicles. Less than 20 years later, its Model Y electric car has become the world’s best-selling car, regardless of powertrain type. Tesla has not just captured the love of consumers but has launched a global transition from ICE vehicles to electric ones.

Tesla cars lead in Germany

Germany is the heart of the automotive industry in Europe. Traditionally, consumers here preferred only local brands. However, with the advent of Tesla, their interest began to gradually switch. The company’s electric vehicles lead the electric vehicle market and even compete with internal combustion engine vehicles from local manufacturers.

AutoScout24‘s current analysis of the most popular used electric vehicles in the first half of 2023 shows that Tesla vehicles are in the top 5 of the most popular choices for Germans. Tesla Model 3 leads in Germany during the study period. Model Y is in second place, and Model S is in fifth. Thus, three out of five top positions are occupied by Tesla cars, which underlines the clear advantage of the company. Renault ZOE came in third, followed by Smart ForTwo in fourth place. Not a single electric car from the German Volkswagen entered the top 5.

A decrease in EV prices stimulates sales

According to observations, the decrease in prices for electric vehicles stimulates their sales. However, inflation and the reduction of government subsidies for the purchase of electrical energy have a negative impact.

“A combination of various factors means that we are currently seeing the most dramatic price drop ever for any type of drive for used electric vehicles,” says Stefan Schneck, Head of AutoScout24 sales in Germany. “Among other things, inflation coupled with the imminent end of government subsidies for commercial electric vehicles is currently holding back demand for used electric vehicles. At the same time, the increase in new car production is leading to an oversupply of used cars that far exceeds pent-up demand. Last but not least, sometimes aggressive price cuts on new cars by some manufacturers – most notably Tesla – also affect the used car market and cause a corresponding price drop.”

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