Tesla Model Y Becomes Norway’s Best-Selling Car in Q2 & 1H ‘23

Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in Norway in Q2. Overall data for the first half of 2023 showed that the electric SUV was also the best-selling vehicle for the period, selling more vehicles than its five closest competitors combined.

Model Y became the best-selling car in Norway in June

Norwegian consumers did not surprise in June. As before, they chose Tesla Model Y as their favorite car. The data showed that last month, the company sold 3,125 units of the SUV, once again making it the best-selling vehicle in the country. Model Y sales outsold its four closest competitors combined.

Model Y is the winner in Q2 2023

Tesla’s Q2 global sales hit record levels again. Norway also played an important role in this. Between April and June, the company sold 6,731 Model Ys there, enough to hold the top spot by a huge margin. The SUV‘s sales exceeded the combined sales of its three closest competitors.

Tesla leads in 1H 2023 with Model Y

Leading each of the first six months of 2023, it came as no surprise that Model Y became the best-selling car in Norway. It sold 15,437 units in the first half of the year, more than the combined sales of its five closest competitors, according to EU-EVs. In second place is Volkswagen ID.4 with 3,847 units. Volkswagen ID.Buzz is in third place with 2,697 sales. In fourth place is Volvo XC40 with 2,672 units. Škoda Enyaq is in fifth place with 2,520 sales.

Norway is the country with the highest level of EV adoption. In fact, competition there is only among electric vehicles, and cars with internal combustion engines make up only about 10% of the car market. At the same time, about 83% of the market share is accounted for by pure electric vehicles and about 7% by plug-in hybrids. Keep in mind that the data may change from month to month, albeit with relatively small fluctuations.

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