Tesla Optimus & Neuralink Pave Way for Cyber Bodies

Tesla is actively working on the Optimus bot. The first fully functional prototypes with working actuators will be ready by November. First use will be next year. The collaboration between Tesla and Neuralink is paving the way for the creation of cyber bodies for amputees.

Tesla Optimus updates

Wednesday, Tesla held its Q2 2023 Earnings Call. Among the topics raised during the discussion was Optimus bot. Elon Musk said that at the moment there is no humanoid robot that can do what a person can do. A big part of the problem is there are no actuators on the market that can do things the way people do. Therefore, Tesla had to develop its own actuators that integrate the motor or the power electronics, the controller, and the sensors. Musk said the company will use the same inference hardware as its cars.

In the process of developing these actuators, the company makes them such that they will already be for mass production. This means they are lighter, tighter, and more powerful than any other actuator in the world. In addition, they are more technologically advanced. This is to ensure Tesla is able to produce them in mass. Musk said:

“But we are, in designing these actuators, designing them for volume production. So, they’re not just lighter, tighter and more capable than any other actuators wherever that exists in the world, but it’s also actually manufacturable. So, we should be able to make them in volume.”

First fully functional Optimus by November; bot to work at Tesla factory next year

Musk said Tesla currently has about 10 Optimus bots. However, they are at different stages of readiness. Every month there are more robots. According to Musk, “the first Optimus that is — that will have all of the Tesla designed actuators, sort of production candidate actuators integrated and walking,” should arrive around November of this year.

After that happens, Tesla will start ramping up efforts. They will strive to make it so stable that it can bring direct benefits. As expected, the company will initially start using Optimus bots in its factories. Thus, Tesla will test them and prove their usefulness. Musk expects this to happen sometime next year.

During the call, Musk also mentioned a very interesting and important thing. He said the collaboration of the Tesla team working on Optimus and Neuralink could be of great benefit to humanity. Musk drew attention to the fact that in the United States alone there are about two million people with amputated limbs. After talking to the Neuralink team, he learned that by combining a Neuralink chip and a robotic arm or leg, they could create a cyber body.

In this way, those with amputated arm(s) or leg(s) will be able to get a cyber body that is incredibly capable. It will be an excellent opportunity for such people to continue to live a fulfilling life. In addition, in the long run, a robotic limb may even be better than a biological one. Musk said:

“This sounds impressive, but it will actually — so that actually could be a really — I think, would be incredible to potentially help people around the world and give them a robot arm or like that is as good, maybe long term better than a biological one.”

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