Starlink Receives License to Provide Internet Services in Malaysia

SpaceX Starlink has received a license to provide internet service in Malaysia, the country’s Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies said. Now the company can bring significant benefits to the local population, especially for those in rural areas.

Communications and Digital Minister of Malaysia Fahmi Fadzil said the country has granted a license to Starlink. It gives the company the right to provide satellite communications in Malaysia. The minister said he personally handed over the license to a representative of the company.

“I have recently handed over the license for facilities and network services to a representative from Starlink. This allows Starlink to provide satellite Internet services in Malaysia, especially in rural areas,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday, via Technode Global.

Fahmi said that 97 percent of Malaysia’s communities now have internet access. However, the remaining 3 percent is still cut off from it. They live in remote areas where, due to geographical features, it is impossible to provide internet. For example, on some islands.

Assessing the problem to be solved, the minister said the government is ready to cooperate with satellite internet service providers. This also applies to facilitating Starlink’s entry into the market. The goal is to provide 100% internet access in all regions.

Fahmi expressed his hope that Starlink will first start providing its services to higher education institutions and schools. This would be in line with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s announcement last week. The announcement comes after Anwar and Musk met virtually last week where they discussed potential investments by Starlink and Tesla in Malaysia.

The technology developed by SpaceX Starlink is a satellite internet constellation. It provides high-speed broadband internet access with low latency around the world. Starlink has proven its reliability in the most extreme conditions, including during the war in Ukraine.

With Starlink, users can engage in activities that have historically been impossible using satellite internet. Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency service is made possible by the world’s largest constellation of high-tech satellites operating in low Earth orbit.

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