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Tesla Rolls Out 2024.2.8 Software Update to More Users, Bringing Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

Tesla is expanding the rollout of its latest software update, version 2024.2.8, to a second wave of users, estimated to be around 5-10% of the total user base. This update primarily focuses on minor improvements and bug fixes, building upon the previous releases.

Key New Features and Improvements:

  • Enhanced Charging Experience:
    • Time Until Charging Starts: This feature displays an estimated time remaining until charging begins when arriving at a DC fast charger without pre-conditioning the battery.
    • Estimated Battery Range Update: The system now factors in battery degradation over time for a more accurate estimated range.
    • Improved Cold Weather Charging: The charge port automatically warms up when navigating to a Supercharger in cold weather, ensuring optimal charging efficiency.
    • Supercharging Tips: A new message informing drivers about potential “water vapor while Supercharging” has been added to the Supercharging tips section.

Additional Features from Previous Updates:

  • Reminder to Plug In at Home: This feature prompts users to plug in their Tesla at home for convenient charging, especially during off-peak hours. (Introduced in 2024.2.3)
  • Ultra-Wideband Phone Key: This feature allows users to unlock and lock their Tesla using their compatible smartphone via Ultra-Wideband technology. (Introduced in 2024.2.3)
  • Improved Ride & Handling (Cybertruck): This update specifically addresses ride and handling characteristics for the Cybertruck model. (Introduced in 2024.2.3)

Previously Released Features (2024.2.2):

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Recall: Telltale Text Size: This update addresses an issue related to the text size of warning messages displayed on the instrument cluster.
  • Adaptive Headlights (upgraded Model 3): This feature improves the functionality of the adaptive headlight system on specific Model 3 variants.
  • Security Improvements: This update includes various security enhancements to the software for improved vehicle protection.
  • More Efficient Charging: This update introduces optimizations to the charging process for potentially improved efficiency.
  • Trips Page Improvements: The Trips page within the Tesla app has been redesigned for enhanced usability.
  • Vehicle Software Version in App: The Tesla app now displays the vehicle’s software version information.
  • Unlock Vehicle Popup: A new popup notification appears when unlocking the vehicle using the app.
  • Apps Menu Functionality: The Apps menu now displays both running and docked applications.

Overall, the 2024.2.8 update focuses on refining the charging experience, addressing minor bugs, and incorporating improvements from previous releases. Tesla is expected to continue rolling out the update to the remaining user base in the coming weeks.

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