Tesla Takes Part in 2023 Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Expo

Tesla is participating in the 2023 Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Technology, Products and Achievements Expo. The company showcased a model of the eco-friendly Shanghai Gigafactory together with its vehicles and other products.

Tesla joins Carbon Expo with its factory design and EVs

Tesla attended the 2023 Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Technology, Products and Achievements Expo, which is taking place in Shanghai. The manufacturer said it presented a model of its environmentally friendly factory, Giga Shanghai. The factory is designed with the environment in mind. Tesla makes sure its operations have the smallest possible carbon footprint and also tries to save water spent on production. A detailed model of Giga Shanghai was displayed at the Lingang booth in Hall 7.1.

The exhibition features two Tesla booths. One showcases an environmentally friendly factory and the other shows vehicles, including the new Model X. The company’s booths are located in the smart driving area in Hall 6.1. Transport and buildings are major sources of carbon emissions, especially in cities like Shanghai. Therefore, Tesla’s achievements in reducing the carbon footprint are very important. Digital technologies today can help reduce carbon emissions.

Tesla talks about Megapack and Solar Roof

In addition to the design of the factory and vehicles, Tesla introduced more advanced products. The exhibitor spoke about Megapack. This is a powerful battery that can store 3 megawatt-hours of energy per unit, enough to power 3,600 homes for an hour. In April, Tesla announced the opening of a Megapack factory in Shanghai. This is the second such enterprise of the company in the world. Initially, the factory plans to produce 10,000 units per year, which is the equivalent of about 40 gigawatt-hours of energy storage.

Solar Roof is another energy product that Tesla talked about at the expo. It can completely replace the roof of a house and will have the same resistance to stress and hail as a traditional roof.

“The electricity generated from the roof can be stored in a small home energy storage device that is also on display, which can be hung on the wall to provide an emergency response in the case of a power outage. The product is maintenance-free, fuel-free, noise-free and self-sufficient in electricity,” said the exhibitor.

About Carbon Expo 2023

The 2023 Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Technology, Products and Achievements Expo showcases the latest technologies related to energy conversion, circular economy, low carbon services, and transportation.

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