These accessories for Tesla that will surprise you!

Tesla owners know how important it is to keep their vehicle in tip-top condition and equip it with accessories that enhance the driving experience. Here is a selection of accessories for Tesla that will surprise you, each with a link to Amazon for easy purchase.

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Solutions USB stick/SD reader for sentry mode

Tesla’s Sentry Mode requires a reliable storage solution. Find out in our dedicated article, multi-format solutions already formatted and tested. For large capacity USB hard drive models.

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Automatic Lifting Actuator

Treat yourself to the automatic raising of the rear trunk of Tesla models 2019 to 2020. It’s so much more practical!

Tesla charging socket wall mount

A support for the Tesla plug and charging cable allows you to say stop to the charging cable that is lying around in the garage and risks getting damaged. This passive support is convenient to mount on the wall.

Carbon fiber style self-adhesive plastic exterior door handle trims

Personalize your Tesla with self-adhesive carbon fiber-style plastic exterior door handle trims.

Tesla Model 3 Luggage

A set of 5 suitcases that fit perfectly in the rear trunk, including in the hidden space at the bottom of the trunk.

Michelin Fast Grip 90

Snow chains that are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used regularly on ice and snow. Fits 18 and 19 inch Model 3 wheels.

MICHELIN 008310 Easy Grip Evolution

An innovative solution for snow, easier to mount than chains and more efficient than socks. For 18 inch wheels only.

Replacement wiper blades for Tesla Model 3 Bosch brand

A set of two flexible windshield wipers to replace the front passenger and driver side blades on your Tesla Model 3.


These accessories for Tesla are not only practical, but they also add a touch of comfort and personalization to your vehicle. By purchasing them through the Amazon links provided, you will benefit from Amazon’s easy shopping and fast delivery, while supporting our site through affiliate links.

Check out these accessories and improve your Tesla driving experience today!

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