Updated Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Arrive in Europe



Tesla officially unveiled the upgraded Model 3 last week, making it available for order only in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the first truckload of vehicles has already been spotted in Europe, probably for showrooms.

Tesla officially unveils the upgraded Model 3

On September 1, Tesla officially unveiled the updated Model 3, which has been widely discussed in recent months and is known as Project Highland. As of now, the car is only available in mainland China, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand, the company said. It is known that in the USA, the release of the upgraded sedan was not even teased. However, for European orders placed for Model 3 prior to the official presentation, Tesla promised to deliver them in October-November. This was a hint that the company stopped shipping the old version of the car and would switch to delivering the upgraded version. In addition, the new Model 3 is being shown at the IAA Munich Auto Show in Germany and at the Beijing Show in China, which could also serve as a hint that the new Model 3 will soon enter the European market.

A truck with upgraded cars was spotted in Germany

Following some hints about the imminent release of the updated Model 3 to the European market, even more information has appeared. @EstherKokkelman reported on X that a truck loaded with a Model 3 Highland was spotted in Europe on Tuesday. According to the pictures shared by Markus Fuchshuber, the sighting was made in Germany. The photo shows that the truck is loaded with seven cars. They appear to have been in Pearl White Multi-Coat, Solid Black, and Flame Red colors. Whether Model 3 was there also in Deep Blue Metallic and the new Stardust Gray is impossible to say with certainty due to the fact that it cannot be determined from the photos provided.

Tesla has thoroughly updated the Model 3

The manufacturer made significant changes to the upgraded Model 3. Some of them touched the exterior and interior, so they could be noticed. Others were made « under the hood,” so those not announced by the manufacturer themselves are yet to be known.

Tesla Model 3 received an updated design of the front and rear lights. The car is presented in two new paint colors: Flame Red and Stardust Grey. In addition, the new Model 3 received an all-new wheel configuration, including new 18-inch Photon wheels and optional 19-inch Nova wheels.

Model 3 is equipped with an audio system of its own design. It includes 17 speakers, two subwoofers and two amplifiers. The new Model 3 has a three-dimensional design cockpit with multi-color lighting and a redesigned steering wheel without levers. The car is equipped with front and rear double-layer acoustic glass, and front and rear side windows with soundproof glass. Together, they significantly increase the overall quietness inside the vehicle. The ventilated front seats also add to overall comfort and driving enjoyment. Tesla has added a rear touchscreen for rear passengers so they can control the climate and enjoy entertainment. The central touchscreen now has smaller bezels, is brighter, sharper, and more responsive.

In addition, the safety of the Model 3 has been updated. The car is now equipped with a CN95 filter even as standard. The suspension and stabilization system has been adjusted, which allows the car to maintain its sporty qualities while providing better shock absorption. Model 3 now features new door hinges, locks, and latches that create a stronger side structure that meets higher standards, and effectively improves side-impact safety. In addition, remote airbags have been added to reduce occupant injury in the event of an accident.


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