Audi’s Strong Performance in 2023 Sets Stage for Challenging 2024

Audi has announced a remarkable achievement for 2023, delivering nearly 1.9 million vehicles globally. This figure includes a significant increase in 100% electric vehicles, with 178,000 units delivered, marking a 51% rise compared to 2022. The strong demand for Audi’s electric models lays a solid foundation for 2024, a year anticipated to be challenging due to various transformational and economic factors.

Gernot Döllner, CEO of Audi: “Audi stands as a strong brand with a clear focus on an electric future. The high demand for our models provides a robust starting point for the new year. However, we are aware of the challenging times ahead in 2024, with increasing competition and global economic uncertainties. It’s crucial to maintain a clear plan addressing these challenges while focusing on the profitability of our vehicles. In 2024 and 2025, we plan to strengthen and rejuvenate our lineup with numerous new models, particularly emphasizing innovative electric vehicles.”

Global Growth and Market Success

In 2023, Audi reported increased deliveries across all regions, surpassing overall market growth. The high demand for their 100% electric vehicles affirms the company’s consistent electrification strategy.

Hildegard Wortmann, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG: “We achieved a delivery increase of over 17% in 2023. This success is attributed to our international team and dealership partners worldwide. Our growth was particularly pronounced in key markets such as Europe, the USA, and China, while we continue to accelerate electrification.”

The Surge in Electric Vehicle Demand

Audi’s electric models, especially the Audi Q4 e-tron, have witnessed substantial demand, with the Q4 e-tron sales increasing by 112%. The impending world premiere of the Audi Q6 e-tron in the first quarter of 2024, built on the new Premium Electric (PPE) platform, marks another significant step in Audi’s electric journey.

Apart from electric vehicles, popular models like the Audi Q5, A6, and A4 have also seen significant sales. Audi Sport delivered approximately 48,000 high-performance vehicles worldwide, a 5% increase from the previous year.

Regional Highlights

  • Europe: Approximately 748,000 vehicles delivered, a 20% increase.
  • Germany: More than 252,000 vehicles delivered, a 17% increase.
  • USA: Record-breaking year with about 229,000 deliveries, a 22% increase.
  • China: Over 729,000 vehicles delivered, a 13% increase.

Future Outlook

Despite the anticipation of a challenging 2024, Audi remains focused on strengthening its position, especially in electric mobility. The brand aims to fortify its market presence with new models and innovative technologies.

Upcoming Financial Report: Audi will present its financial figures for the fiscal year 2023 at the Annual Press Conference on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

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