3 now! Which one is the best? What should you consider?

For a more concise, easier to digest version of these articles, please feel free to check out and maybe follow @LivingEV on instagram to stay up on the latest on sustainable transportation. https://www.instagram.com/p/CE9rYYynvw9/ The Big 3 Tesla Model S (Left), Lucid Air (Middle), Porsche Taycan (right). Image is from Bloomberg. com. Photographer: Ed Ludlow of Bloomberg. When it comes to the best high end electric sedans currently on the road, it really boils down to just these three. The Tesla Model S, Lucid Air, and Porsche Taycan. What's interesting about all of these is that they all have similar stats, but all

Why Lucid is really has Tesla’s balls up in the Air

Please feel free to check out @LivingEV for more information on the future of Lucid and also other sustainable transportation news. Today we will briefly touch up on the important and notable information which was introduced at todays global unveiling of the Lucid Air and also project gravity which we will touch up on too. The Configurator Starting off with the configurator , you can now spec your Lucid Air Dream Edition in 3 colors. White, Black, and Gold (as seen above). The interior options have a pallet based of the light hues that certain regions in California have such

Tesla plans for ‘Modular Transportation pods’ for The Boring Company.

Modular Designs... The Future? For a condensed, easier to digest version please visit @LivingEV for more information. If you are interested in aftermarket parts for your EV or your home check Check out aftermarket parts Image from The Boring Company Tunnel Website, this is the surface station Elon was talking about. What is the boring company?  Click here for latest information about TheBoringCompany For those who might not know, The Boring Company is another project by Elon Musk, with major goals of “destroying traffic”. For this to happen Elon has set some framework for the future of the tunnels which need to be build and has

What should we expect from Lucid’s Unveiling on September 9, 2020?


For a quicker version of this, please visit @livingev on Instagram, but if your here for the details, you came to the right place! Credits: Lucid Air reveal on http://lucidmotors.com The Gist Lucid Motors, what do we know and what should we expect from tomorrow’s unveiling of the Lucid Air?  Most people may have never heard of Lucid, and more a quick synopsis are a company based out of Newark California designing innovation and paving a new direction in EV competition. The AIR event tomorrow will take place at 4:00 PM PT, revealing their production version of the Lucid Air and its configurator.