Berlin E-Prix : Günther wins at home, da Costa gets closer to the title

Maximilian Günther

Round 8 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship was also Round 3 of Season 6 Grand Finale in Berlin. It was another great day for DS Techeetah since poleman Jean-Éric Vergne made it back to the podium, in third position, and Championship leader Antonio Felix Da Costa (4th) moved one step closer to a crown that he really deserves this year. By securing the fourth position today, Antonio maintains his lead with 68pts and now sits at 137 points, whilst DS Techeetah increased its lead with both drivers in the high points to now have a 70-point lead at 188

India : EV Transition means action


Recently India communicate about a new vision and a transition. Delhi CM, Arvin Kejriwal announced that 25% of automotive should be EV by 2024 in Delhi. How he wants to achieve this objective? Delhi top EV city in India Arvin Kejriwal, really wants to lead EV revolution in India and at Tesla Magazine we like that because it means fighting pollution. An ennemy that everybody accept that's why we are always happy to announce action taken by authorities. - Zero Registration Fee - Zero Road Tax for E-Vehicles - ₹30,000 subsidy on E-Rickshaw - 200 charging stations - Loan waiver scheme on purchase

SpaceX: Successful Return to Earth for Astronauts

spaceX hors de l'eau

Two major events have shaken the planet SpaceX in the last 7 days. The return to Earth of the Crew Dragon capsule and the first successful launch for the Starship shuttle, which should reach Mars soon. Tesla Magazine offers you to understand the next steps for SpaceX and the aerospace world. SpaceX Mission-2 is a success CREDIT SPACEX The return of the Crew Dragon capsule on August 02nd makes it possible to declare mission-2 a success. The flight was initially scheduled for 27.05.2020 and was postponed to 30.05.2020 for safety reasons. After 63 days in space, the return of astronauts Doug Hurley and

Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche at home in Berlin for the Final 6 of Season 6

2019 Berlin E-prix

Formula E is back with a bang ! Real racing, on track, resumes this Wednesday at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, with six races scheduled in nine days to decide who will win the 2019/20 ABB FIA Formula E Championship. The historic German airfield has been chosen to close out the current season, hosting three double-headers in quick succession on August 5/6, 8/9 and 12/13. Each pair of races will use a different track configuration, presenting opportunities for distinct strategies and the conditions for Formula E’s unpredictable and exciting racing. BERLIN TEMPELHOF AIRPORT, GERMANY - MAY 25: Maximillian Gunther (DEU), GEOX Dragon Racing, Penske EV-3,

Rivian, top exec buy a Model Y and promote the experience


Michael R. Ojaghian is Director, Rivian Service and worked for Tesla in the past. He took time on Linkedin to share a youtube review of Model Y and its experience of buying this vehicle easly and fastly through its phone. There is no competitor in new mobilities At Tesla Magazine we strongly believe that all new car companies developing EV and PHEV vehicles are not competitor because the market is growing. Real competitors are fuel engine. Rivian is one of the most sensitive competitor for Tesla because they are coming with one product build for America customers and with a true ambition.



Last year, Elon Musk announced the construction of his new Giga factory in Grünheide in the German region of Brandenburg. This number 4 Gigafactory will be added in 2021 to the first three Tesla factories. These are located respectively in Nevada in the United States (1), New York (2), and Shanghai (3). A solution for every problem The construction of this huge factory by the Californian firm came up against many pitfalls from the outset. First of all, two environmental associations, the "Grüne Liga" and the "Association for Landscape Conservation and Species Protection in Bavaria" (VLAB) filed a complaint in summary proceedings.

Tesla_mamba_3 : Kobe Bryant deep inside


Tesla Magazine love to promote EV owners because they are the best example for other people to choose EV. All EV Owners are precursor, today we put the light on an Instagram friend @tesla_mamba_3 Tesla Owner Background I work in the Tourism Industry, and I’m the Online Marketing Director at Santa Cruz. I chose to go EV because seeing Elon’s mission in innovating the world’s progression in going electric inspired me! My first experience riding in a Tesla was from a buddy of mine and ever since then, he made me pull the trigger in switching cars. Also I was coming from