Boring Co. reached solid milestones in Vegas Loop

The Boring Co. has reached two major milestones in its strive to create an underground transportation system in Las Vegas. In addition, Prufrock-2 showed significant improvements, achieving results in a relatively short time.

The Boring Company reaches new milestones

Tunnel drilling company owned by Elon Musk, Boring Co., celebrates reaching new milestones. Two digging machines dubbed Prufrock-1 and Prufrock-2, arrived at Encore on the Las Vegas Boulevard and Westgate just off the Strip. Boring Co. shared its achievements on Twitter and received congratulations from Musk.

The digging machine shows acceleration

Boring Co. noted that it took 10 weeks to mobilize, launch, tunnel to a depth of 2,350 feet, and retrieve Prufrock-2. It is noted that the countdown began from the moment when the team “arrive[d] at empty parking lot.” This is a significant speed improvement over the previous machine. By comparison, Godot, which was used for the start of the project at the Las Vegas Convention Center, took 10 weeks just to launch.

Boring Co.’s Las Vegas Loop Expands

Encore and Westgate are the next properties that have offshoot tunnels to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The first offshoot opened last year and linked Resorts World to the convention center. Ultimately, Boring Co. aims to make an underground loop that will run up and down the Strip to the city center and connect various points of interest along the way.

According to a recent update, a system with a total length of 65 miles of tunnels is planned. It will have 69 stations, including stops at Allegiant Stadium, nearly every resort on the Strip, a planned baseball stadium for the Oakland Athletics, and UNLV. Long-term goals include a connection to the Harry Reed International Airport.

The first part of the Vegas Loop to be built is the Tropicana Loop, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It will link the Trop site, Allegiant Stadium, and resorts on the south Strip. The company did not make an announcement about the timeframe for the end of the project. The overall project will be built in stages. After the construction of the individual stages, they will be linked to create a common system of two-way tunnels. Tesla cars will be used to move passengers there.

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