Tesla Giga Shanghai Celebrates Production of 1 Millionth Model Y

Tesla Giga Shanghai celebrates reaching a new milestone. The factory has produced its 1 millionth Model Y. The milestone was reached two and a half years after the first Model Y was produced in China.

Model Y debuted in China in 2021

In 2020, Tesla began selling its then-new Model Y. Initially, the car was produced only at the company’s factory in Fremont, California, USA. The Tesla factory in Shanghai, which began operation in late 2019, began production with Model 3. Production of Model Y did not begin at the Chinese factory until January 2021, one year after US production began.

The 1 millionth Model Y rolls off the Giga Shanghai assembly line

Several Chinese automotive media reported on Thursday about a remarkable milestone: Giga Shanghai produced its 1 millionth Model Y. They attached a photo to their articles. It features a red Model Y surrounded by several hundred factory employees. On the pavement in front of them is written: “Giga Shanghai. Tesla Model Y. 1 million.” There is also a poster in the background that says that Phase 2 Giga Shanghai had produced its 1 millionth car. Employees are seen wearing T-shirts that read “1 million.” At the time of writing, none of Tesla’s official accounts have yet made a milestone announcement.

It is worth noting that the achievement of the milestone came just two and a half years after the first Model Y rolled off the Giga Shanghai assembly line.

Image: Tesla

Giga Shanghai is the world’s largest automobile factory

Tesla’s Chinese factory currently has a capacity of over 1 million vehicles per year. Thanks to this, Giga Shanghai is the largest among all car manufacturers in the world. It is worth noting that the factory is only three and a half years old. Its production capacity can be increased even further in the coming years.

Giga Shanghai is Tesla’s export hub and manufactures vehicles for many markets around the world. The factory supplies cars in the region, as well as to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and even Canada. Tesla delivered a record 466,140 vehicles worldwide in the second quarter, according to data released on July 2. This is 83.02% more than the same period last year and 10.23% more than the 422,875 vehicles delivered in the first quarter.

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