Imagine arriving in your garage and seeing your electric vehicle plugging itself in… A concept that Tesla unveiled in its laboratories in August 2015 with its “magnetic snake” connecting to the charger port of a Model S.

Today, an operational solution exists: SELFPLUG®, developed by the Grenoble-based start-up GULPLUG, co-founded by two former Schneider Electric engineers. This accessory – which may well become indispensable – incorporates a patented magnetic technology that allows it to be plugged in automatically.

SELFPLUG® consists of two components: a base that plugs into any household electrical outlet, and a magnetic plug installed under the vehicle. When the vehicle is positioned (to within 50 cm) above the base, the two elements are paired, the connection is made and the recharging is operational. It’s as easy as that!

SELFPLUG® has many advantages:

  • It avoids any manipulation and does not require precise connection (and therefore operation) as the plug is magnetically guided towards the socket. Collateral benefit: no forgetting to connect!
  • It provides 100% electrical performance thanks to its conduction connection and does not produce any radiation.
  • It does not require any work and is easily transportable.
  • It can retrofit a vehicle.

GULPLUG, which has successfully integrated its SELFPLUG® on a Renault Zoe, is also in discussions with a German premium car manufacturer alongside a Tier 1 French OEM.

If you too would like to discover SELFPLUG®, meet us in March at the Gala Tesla Magazine where GULPLUG will present its solution and answer all your questions.

The proposition of GULPLUG

Created in 2014 in Grenoble by Xavier PAIN and Eric MARSAN as part of an Open Innovation initiative of Schneider Electric, GULPLUG develops innovative technologies for connection to power supply networks and the Internet. The company responds to the challenges of the energy transition, in particular on the aspects of

  • mobility, with its SELFPLUG® socket for electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles,
  • cleantech, with its Save It Yourself offer dedicated to energy efficiency and industry 4.0.

In 2018, GULPLUG was awarded :

  • of the ADEME Innovation Contest,
  • of the Volvo Cars Hackathon,
  • the Ubimobility US and French Tech Tour China (FTTChina) programs organized by Bpifrance and Business France.

The start-up also convinced 1,000 subscribers during its two equity financings carried out on the Wiseed platform, the last one in December 2018.

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