Elon Musk’s advice for video game streamers

In a recent video shared on his 𝕏 account (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk offered some valuable advice to video game streamers. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX discussed several essential aspects of maximizing the impact and reach of streams, including using innovative platforms and technologies. Here is a summary of the key points of his intervention.

Stream on Twitch and 𝕏

Elon Musk started by suggesting that streamers not only use Twitch, but also the 𝕏 platform. “If you’re streaming to Twitch, you might as well stream to 𝕏, too. The reach on the 𝕏 platform is, uh, hard to beat. » This recommendation highlights the importance of diversifying distribution channels to reach a wider audience. 𝕏, with its impressive reach, offers content creators a unique opportunity to increase their visibility and engagement.

Live Chat Management

Musk also addressed the difficulty of managing live chat while gaming. “So, this is, uh, this is quite tricky to look at, uh, look at the chat. I kinda need to chat on the screen, I guess, you know. Trying not to die while looking at the chat. This is pretty tough, this level. » This observation is particularly relevant for streamers who must juggle their gaming performance and interaction with their audience. Integrating on-screen chat can help you keep an eye on comments without losing track of the game.

Streaming Software

When it comes to streaming software, Musk recommended using OBS or Streamlabs. “You can use OBS or Streamlabs or whatever you like. Uh, Streamlabs is a little easier to set up, uh, but it’ll work with pretty much any streaming software. » OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is widely used by streamers for its flexibility and many features. Streamlabs, for its part, is known for its ease of installation, which can be an advantage for those new to streaming.

Finally, Musk pointed out that his stream was done via Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service. “And this is all, uh, on Starlink, so. It’s a good test for Starlink as well, so this is all coming in, coming in over satellite. Yep, this is Starlink. So, we’ve gotten the median latency of Starlink down to around 30 milliseconds in the US. » Starlink’s low latency of 30 milliseconds in the US is a major plus for streamers, ensuring a stable and fast connection, essential for online gaming and live streaming.


Elon Musk’s advice offers an interesting perspective for video game streamers looking to maximize their reach and effectiveness. By diversifying streaming platforms, integrating on-screen chat, choosing the right streaming tools, and using a reliable internet connection like Starlink, content creators can significantly improve their streaming experience. With these recommendations, Musk continues to demonstrate his commitment to supporting and promoting technological innovations in various fields.

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