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The world of mobile operating systems is constantly evolving, and each update brings its share of new features. Apple, with the launch of iOS 18, is no exception to this rule and offers features that promise to revolutionize the user experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable improvements in this new version.

The ability to place icons anywhere on the home screen grid

If you’re a long-time user of Apple devices, you know that the layout of icons on the home screen has always been a bit of a rigid subject. With iOS 18, Apple finally introduces the long-awaited flexibility. Now you can place app icons anywhere on the home screen grid.

This new feature allows for increased customization, letting you organize your Home screen in a way that truly reflects your preferences and usage style. For example, if you prefer a clean home screen with only a few apps visible, that’s now possible.

iOS 18 takes personalization even further with the introduction of a theme engine. A theme engine is a feature that allows you to change the appearance of your user interface by applying a unique color scheme to icons and widgets.

With this theme engine, you can choose a specific shade that will be applied evenly to all icons and widgets, giving a harmonious and stylish look to your device. Whether for aesthetic reasons or to better suit your visual preferences, this option is a notable step forward.

Redesigned Control Center with multiple pages and support for third-party apps

THE control center Apple has always been a handy tool for quickly accessing settings and common features. In iOS 18, this has been completely redesigned. Not only does it sport a new look, but it now allows you to navigate between multiple pages. This means you can customize your Control Center to include a wider range of shortcuts and tools.

Additionally, iOS 18 integrates support for third-party apps into Control Center. This not only provides greater flexibility, but also better integration of the apps you use most often, making your device more intuitive and efficient.

Customize flashlight and camera shortcuts on the lock screen

Finally, one of the most anticipated features appears on iOS 18: the ability to change the shortcuts flashlight and camera on the lock screen. Until now, these shortcuts were fixed and could not be modified. This update offers a new level of flexibility.

Now you can choose which apps or functions will be accessible directly from the lock screen. This could include messaging apps, productivity tools, or even social media, whichever is most useful to you.


With iOS 18, Apple continues to embrace customization and flexibility for its users. Whether through the freedom of icon layout, the new theming capability, the redesigned Control Center, or the customization of lock screen shortcuts, each new feature seems aimed at making Apple devices more intuitive and responsive to needs. individual of their users.

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