Innovating for a Sustainable Energy Future through its Events and Achievements

At DualSun, innovation and dynamism are at the heart of several exciting initiatives. From meeting local installers to presenting new products, their commitment to solar energy continues unabated. Here are some recent actions and successes of DualSun:

DualSun Roadshow: Meeting Near You

This summer, the DualSun sales team traveled across France to meet interested parties and solar professionals. Learn more about their photovoltaic panels and enjoy a friendly moment during a pétanque challenge. This is a great opportunity to interact with experts and potentially challenge a world champion in Marseille!

Collaboration with

Faced with the climate emergency and the incessant demand for solar solutions, DualSun did not act alone. By partnering with, they were able to quickly launch training focused on photovoltaic administrative procedures. This partnership demonstrates the importance of bringing together expertise to advance the energy transition.

Customer Recognition and Satisfaction

DualSun recently achieved an exceptional 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot, the result of close collaboration with their installation partners. Such recognition is an encouragement to continue improving and innovating in their products and services. It also reflects the satisfaction of the many customers who have opted for DualSun solar solutions.

Inspiring Testimony: A Living Home Thanks to Solar Power

In Autignac, Caroline and Yvan made their home more autonomous and sustainable with 18 DualSun solar panels installed by Darver Énergie. These installations transform each home into mini power plants, reducing dependence on traditional networks. This initiative actively contributes to the energy transition through ecological and innovative solutions.

Associative Commitment with OM Hospitalités

DualSun is also involved in associative projects such as the OM Hospitalités tournament. This event, focused on education and social cohesion, brings together regional actors to support local actions. DualSun participated by equipping the Robert Louis-Dreyfus training center with 507 solar panels.

EXCESS Project: Positive Energy Buildings

In collaboration with the European EXCESS project, DualSun installed photovoltaic panels in a historic building in Valladolid, Spain. This ambitious project aims to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of positive energy buildings, thus reinforcing DualSun’s commitment to sustainable development.

New Innovation: The PREASY Foldable Panel

DualSun introduces PREASY, a foldable, plug-in ready solar panel, meeting the growing demand for customizable solar solutions. Easily transportable and installable, PREASY is the ideal solution for those who cannot install panels on their roof. This product is not only practical but also efficient and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, DualSun’s varied initiatives illustrate their unwavering commitment to a sustainable energy future. Through strategic collaborations, product innovations and an active presence in the field, DualSun continues to demonstrate that solar energy is not only a viable solution but also essential for a greener future.

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