Maximize energy savings with Paul de Preville

Paul de Preville is the co-founder of Ensol, an innovative company dedicated to the energy transition. Ensol stands out for its integrated approach, offering complete solutions for the installation and management of solar panels, batteries, and soon heat pumps, aimed at maximizing its customers’ energy savings.

A complete offer for optimal energy management

Q: Can you explain to us the main services you offer?

We focus on two main axes. First, we install environmentally friendly equipment such as solar panels, batteries, charging stations and soon heat pumps, by electrifying homes. Secondly, we offer a management application that allows us to monitor and optimize the energy consumption of each customer. Our goal is to create a coherent and sustainable energy ecosystem, with carbon-free energy that is free during the day.

Q: How do you optimize the use of excess electricity?

It is crucial to manage surplus electricity intelligently to maximize savings. For example, if we have a surplus, we redirect it to equipment such as electric car charging stations or hot water tanks. We adapt the load according to weather forecasts and energy needs, which allows us not to draw on the network and to benefit from free energy.

Simplifying access to solar energy in France

Q: Why did you choose to go into solar?

We are convinced that France must transition to a solar revolution to decarbonize its energy and save on costs for customers. However, the main obstacle in France is the complexity of the solar installation process, which attracts many scammers. We want to offer a complete management solution for a home’s energy equipment, thus simplifying the journey to solar energy with transparent prices and advanced technology.

Q: How do you position yourself compared to historical market players?

Unlike many traditional installers, we don’t just install solar panels. We integrate batteries, charging stations and soon heat pumps into a single ecosystem. Additionally, we aim to create a virtual power plant with our customers, enabling collective and optimized energy management.

Rapid growth and advice for customers

Q: How did you reach a turnover of 2.5 million euros in a few months?

Our success is based on a combination of the best in craftsmanship and technology. We have fast and efficient processes, and we focus on an ultra-local approach, house by house, village by village. We also stand out with our competitive prices and our lifetime monitoring via a piloting application.

Q: What advice would you give to a customer wishing to equip themselves with solar panels?

Here are five essential tips:

  1. Ask for a ten-year warranty and an RGE from the installer.
  2. Be wary of proposals for recoverable VAT and credits.
  3. Compare prices on the government website
  4. Ask for references.
  5. Carry out a precise simulation to assess possible savings.

Q: How do you educate customers on the benefits of solar?

We have two types of customers: those who are already convinced and are looking for a competitive quote, and those who are at the beginning of their search. For the latter, we have important educational work to do, dispelling myths and false information. We help them understand the value of solar and the long-term benefits.

Part 4: Internal services and long-term ambitions

Q: Are your installers in-house or outsourced?

We have our own in-house teams for installations, as well as our warehouses and a showroom. Sometimes, to go faster, we collaborate with trusted regional partners, particularly for technical visits.

Q: What are your future plans for the company?

We want to create a virtual power plant with our customers, making it possible to promote the electricity produced collectively. We are also exploring solutions to become an energy supplier and maximize profits for our customers. This is a long-term vision, but we are confident that it is achievable with a sufficient customer base.

Q: Can you give us some details about the growth of your business?

We legally created the company on July 25, 2023, raised 3 million euros in October, and completed our first installation in December. Today, we are 33 employees based between Paris and the PACA region, with technical design offices, engineers and developers in Paris, and installers and project managers in the region.

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