Mudguards for Tesla Model 3

Equipping your Tesla Model 3 with mud flaps is a practical decision to keep your vehicle clean and protect its paintwork from road spray and debris. This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to choose the best mud flaps for your Tesla Model 3, with a focus on installation, aesthetics, and durability.

Why Install Mudguards on Your Tesla Model 3?

  • Increased protection: Mud flaps help reduce splashes of mud, gravel, road salt, and other particles, protecting the paint and body of the car.
  • Reduced maintenance: Less dirt on the body means less cleaning and maintenance in the long run.
  • Aesthetic improvement: Some models of mud flaps are designed to complement the sleek aesthetic of the Tesla Model 3, making the vehicle not only practical but also stylish.

Mudguard Selection Criteria

  • Compatibility: Make sure the mud flaps are specifically designed for the version and year of your Tesla Model 3.
  • Material : Look for mudguards made from durable materials like high-quality ABS plastic that resists impact and weather.
  • Design: Opt for mud flaps that integrate well with the design of the car, without compromising the overall look.
  • Ease of installation: Choose models that come with the necessary hardware and do not require drilling or permanent modifications to your car.

Installation of Mudguards

  • Necessary tools : Most fender kits include the necessary tools, but having a flathead screwdriver can make removing the stock clips easier.
  • Installation process: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, this involves removing some existing retaining clips, aligning the fender with the pre-existing holes, and using the new clips to secure the fender in place.
  • Practical advice : It may be helpful to turn the wheels for easier access to the mounting points when installing the front fenders.

Mudguard Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning: Clean the fenders at the same time as you wash your car to remove salt and dirt buildup.
  • Periodic inspection: Check the mudguard attachment regularly, especially after driving on poor roads or uneven surfaces.

Where to buy your mudguards?

Mud flaps can be purchased from specialist auto accessories dealers, online stores, or directly from Tesla accessory suppliers. Be sure to check reviews and recommendations to choose a quality product that suits your needs.

Arcoche Mud Flaps for Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024

These mud flaps are specially designed for the 2024 model of the Tesla Model 3 Highland. They provide sturdy protection without requiring drilling, making installation much easier.

Bowfar Tesla Model 3 Mudguards Front and Rear Mudflaps

This set of front and rear mud flaps is compatible with several years of Tesla Model 3 models, from 2017 to 2023. They are designed to be durable and weather resistant, while preserving the aesthetics of your vehicle.

BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Winter Sediment Protection Mudguard

This set of four mud flaps provides protection against sediment, especially useful for winter conditions. They are compatible with Tesla Model 3 from 2016 to 2023, offering great versatility and easy installation without drilling.

By equipping your Tesla Model 3 with mud flaps, you are taking a proactive step to keep your vehicle in excellent condition and preserve its long-term value.

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