new charging stations in Belgium

The network of charging stations for electric vehicles (Electric Vehicles – EVs) of Electra continues to expand rapidly in Belgium. Recently, Electra has announced several expansions and inaugurations of new charging stations in different municipalities across the country. This initiative aims to support the energy transition and make electric vehicle charging more accessible and convenient for all drivers.

Electra station in Recogne

The Electra charging station located in Delhaize Recogne is one of the most efficient in Belgium, with an impressive number of charges per day. Currently equipped with two 300kW charging stations, this station will see its number of chargers doubled before summer, thus making summer journeys easier for vacationers. Located near the N826/N40/N89 roads and just three minutes from the E411 motorway linking Brussels to Luxembourg, this station is ideally located.

Additionally, the Electra hub in Recogne is surrounded by various amenities like Delhaize Belgium, Quick, Pizza Hut and Lunch Garden, allowing users to eat or run errands while their vehicle is charging.

Electra station in Leuven

The Leuven station, located near the E314 motorway in the bustling Leuven region, has been in operation since January 30, 2024. Equipped with two 150kW chargers available 24/7, this station is perfect for drivers who want to relax at Heuvelhof Park or make purchases at Delhaize Belgium while their vehicle is charging.

Expansions and Future Projects

As part of its continued expansion, Electra is planning new charging sites in other Belgian locations. For example, the Mechelen station, located near the E19 motorway between Brussels and Antwerp, has been operational since April 8, 2024 with four 300kW chargers available 24/7. Particular effort was required for this station due to the repeated relocation of the concrete bases due to general construction work.

Collaboration with Colmar Group

Electra is also excited about its new partnership with the Colmar group. By 2025, the Belgian Colmar restaurants and the French Crocodile Buffet & Grill restaurants will be equipped with 160 charging points of 400kW each, accessible 24/7. This collaboration will allow EV drivers to enjoy gourmet breaks while recharging their vehicles.

Events and Strategic Discussions

Electra continues to be proactive not only in the physical expansion of its charging stations, but also in strategic discussions about the future of electric mobility. An example of this is the recent “CEO Electric Lunch” in Brussels, where public and private decision-makers discussed key topics such as electricity grid stability, EV mobility in global cities and China’s role in the industry electric vehicles.

These efforts are supported by additional green financing of 75 million euros, provided by a consortium of four banks: Société Générale, ABN AMRO Bank NV, Groupe BPCE and Crédit Agricole CIB. This funding will make it possible to continue developing the charging infrastructure in Belgium.

For those looking for a career in the energy transition, Electra is actively recruiting for various positions in Belgium and the Netherlands. There are numerous opportunities to join a dynamic team and contribute to a greener future.

The Electra charging station network is booming, and their projects clearly illustrate their slogan: “Electra Already Near You, or Just About to Be”. The future of electric mobility is promising, and Electra is at the heart of this revolution.

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