Tesla Model 3 Performance vs BMW M3 Competition xDrive: A Duel of Titans

In the arena of high-performance sports sedans, there is keen interest in the comparison between the new Tesla Model 3 Performance and the BMW M3 Competition xDrive. This face-off illustrates the confrontation between modern electric technology and traditional combustion engines, while highlighting the differences in terms of performance, cost and environmental impact. Here is a comparison adapted to French standards and measurements for these two models.

starting price

Initial cost is often a deciding factor for buyers. The BMW M3 Competition xDrive is priced from 84,300 euros, a high price even for the basic rear-wheel drive version which costs 76,000 euros. For its part, the Tesla Model 3 Performance has a more attractive price of 52,990 euros. With French government incentives for electric vehicles, this price can be reduced further, making the Tesla particularly economically competitive.


Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is an essential criterion for sports car enthusiasts. The BMW M3 Competition xDrive reaches this speed in 3.4 seconds, a testament to its power and agility. However, the Tesla Model 3 Performance excels with an acceleration time of just 2.9 seconds, thanks to the immediate responsiveness of its electric motor, providing a lightning-fast start.


The weight of vehicles influences their handling and performance. The BMW M3 weighs 1,810 kg, while the Tesla Model 3 Performance is a little heavier at 1,830 kg. This slight difference is notable, especially considering that electric vehicles are often penalized by the weight of their batteries.


In terms of power, the competition remains tight. The BMW M3 Competition xDrive delivers 503 horsepower, while the Tesla Model 3 Performance offers slightly more, with 510 horsepower. This slight superiority allows the Tesla to display exceptional performance despite its greater weight.

Type of engine

The type of engine radically distinguishes these two models. The BMW M3 runs on a gasoline engine, preferred by those seeking the thrill of the combustion engine. In contrast, the Tesla Model 3 Performance uses an electric engine, thus favoring a more ecological and economical approach to driving.


The choice between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the BMW M3 Competition xDrive in France will depend on individual preferences in powertrain technology and each driver’s priorities regarding performance and environmental impact. The Tesla offers a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative with impressive performance, while the BMW remains an icon for sports driving purists. These two vehicles represent excellence in their respective fields, providing every driver with a rich and exciting driving experience.

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