This terminal installer also makes solar panels

To equip your home with solar panels or charging stations, it is important to choose qualified and reliable installers. Tesla Mag advises you the company NEOTECH, located in Labarthe-sur-Lèze, is positioned as a key player in this field, offering specialized services in the installation of photovoltaic systems and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (IRVe). This article presents in detail why NEOTECH is the ideal partner for your renewable energy and sustainable mobility projects.

Expertise and Qualifications

Photovoltaic Solutions

NEOTECH holds a probationary qualification in solar photovoltaic (PSPV1), attesting to their competence to install systems with a maximum callable power less than or equal to 36 kVA. This qualification, validated by the Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (PRGE) label, ensures not only the quality and compliance of the installations, but also their environmental performance.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

In the field of electric mobility, NEOTECH also excels with a specific qualification for electric vehicle charging infrastructures (IRVE1). This qualification covers the installation of charging stations with a maximum callable power of less than or equal to 36 kVA, thus meeting the needs of electric vehicle users for efficient and safe charging solutions.

Since 2018, Neotech, an innovative company in the advanced technology sector, has established a significant presence in the South-West of France, covering the departments of Haute-Garonne (31), Ariège (09), Tarn-et-Garonne (82) and Gers (32).

Commercial offer

In a context where controlling energy consumption is becoming crucial, our company, in partnership with Ecojoko, offers you an essential opportunity. For any installation of a 6 kW charging station, we offer you the Ecojoko system free of charge, the leader in domestic energy management.

Your advantages for choosing Neotech

  • Free Ecojoko meter : Monitor your energy consumption in real time and identify sources of waste. Ecojoko, thanks to its artificial intelligence, helps you reduce your energy bill by offering you more sustainable consumption habits.
  • Professional Installation by Legrand Experts : Benefit from a reliable and secure installation by certified Legrand technicians, experts in measurement systems and energy consumption management.
  • Reinjection into the Network : Our system does not just measure your consumption; it also measures the reinjection of your energy surplus into the network, thus optimizing your ecological and economic impact.
  • Adapting to New Habits : With energy costs constantly increasing, it is essential to take proactive measures. Our offer allows you to take control of your consumption and adapt your habits accordingly.

Do you want to install solar panels at the best price?

Insurance and Liability

NEOTECH is fully insured with civil liability insurance and ten-year insurance with AXA, guaranteeing the protection of their clients’ investments against any unforeseen events. These assurances underline the company’s commitment to safety and long-term customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Quality and Updating Skills

The company is led by Cyril Mogno, a professional dedicated to quality and innovation in the renewable energy sector. NEOTECH is committed to rigorous annual administrative monitoring to maintain the validity of its qualifications, thus ensuring that their team remains at the forefront of current technologies and standards.

Why Choose NEOTECH?

  • Recognized expertise and qualifications : With qualifications specific to the photovoltaic and IRVe sectors, NEOTECH guarantees you an installation that complies with the strictest standards.
  • Full insurance : Peace of mind with solid insurance policies covering all installations.
  • Environmental commitment : A company certified by the PRGE label, proving their commitment to environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Dedicated customer service : A customer-centric approach, guaranteeing a personalized and satisfying experience.
  • Maintenance: Quote proposal for commissioning and maintenance.


For your needs in photovoltaic installations and charging solutions for electric vehicles, NEOTECH represents a choice of trust and quality. Get involved in the energy transition with a reliable and competent partner. Contact NEOTECH today to advance your renewable energy projects and contribute to a greener future.

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