Tesla Sales in EU Up 2,000% in May

Tesla sales in the European Union rose by 2,000% in May compared to last year. Selling only four car models, the manufacturer has a 2.3% share of the entire automotive market.

EU Tesla sales are up significantly in May

Tesla registered a significant spike in registrations in the EU last month. Compared to a year earlier, the company registered 2,000% more vehicles. While only 967 vehicles were sold in May 2022, in May 2023 the number reached an impressive 21,927 units. With strong monthly sales, Tesla has an impressive 2.3% share of the automotive market, up from 0.1% in May 2022.

Success is possible thanks to Giga Berlin

Last year, Tesla sales in Europe were heavily affected by production shutdowns at Giga Shanghai due to COVID-19. Giga Berlin began operations at the end of March and has only slowly ramped up production. However, this year, Tesla’s European sales are no longer dependent on the manufacturer’s factory in China.

Giga Berlin produces over 5,000 vehicles per week, which means over 20,000 vehicles per month. Some of these cars are sent to Taiwan or other European countries not part of the EU. However, most of them can be sold in EU countries, which is great news for the region.

The share of BEV increased by 71%

The overall automotive market in the EU grew by 18.5% in May. Last month, 938,950 new cars were registered. Gasoline-powered vehicles accounted for 36.5% of new registrations. Hybrid electric vehicles took a share of 25%. Battery electric vehicles held a market share of 13.8% with 129,847 registrations. This reflects an increase of 70.9% compared to last year.

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