Tutorial: Customizing Tesla rims

Tesla vehicles are often applauded for their innovation and technology, but one surprising detail concerns their rims. At first glance, some Tesla rims may seem rather ordinary, or even old-fashioned, because they are covered in plastic hubcaps. However, this aesthetic choice hides an ingenious functionality linked to energy efficiency.

Do you want to protect your Tesla rims?

What are Aero Rims?

Tesla’s AeroWheels aren’t just hubcaps. These plastic covers were designed to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. In fact, under those hoods are sleek, modern alloy wheels. The presence of AeroWheels helps reduce aerodynamic resistance, which results in lower energy consumption and increased autonomy, improving efficiency by up to 5%.

Why does Tesla use AeroWheels?

Tesla’s use of AeroWheels is a strategic choice that underlines the brand’s commitment to energy efficiency. By optimizing aerodynamics, Tesla ensures that every detail of the vehicle contributes to maximizing range – a major concern for electric vehicle users.

  1. Park your Tesla in a safe place and engage parking mode.
  2. Inspect the clips that secure the hubcap to the rim. You will generally find notches provided for inserting a lifting tool.
  3. Use a flat, soft tool (such as a cloth-covered screwdriver to avoid scratching the rim) to gently pry and detach the hubcap from the rim.
  4. Once the hubcaps are removed, you’ll reveal the alloy wheels, ready to transform the appearance of your Tesla.

When to choose alloy wheels?

If you prefer a sportier aesthetic, you might want to ride without the AeroWheels. Alloy wheels offer a more refined look and can be particularly attractive at car meets or in stylish urban environments.


Ultimately, the choice between AeroWheels and alloy wheels depends on your priorities. If range is your main concern, AeroWheels are definitely beneficial. However, if style is everything, alloy wheels are a great option. Tesla gives you the flexibility to choose according to your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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