Why take advantage of the May holidays to install solar panels?

The months of May in France offer exceptional conditions for lovers of long weekends, thanks to a series of public holidays which allow them to escape or undertake projects. If you’ve been considering investing in solar panels, these decks are the perfect time to get the installation started. Here are some compelling reasons.

Free time to supervise the installation

Installing solar panels requires an investment of time for planning and supervision. With May Bridges, you have more free time to coordinate with installers, answer questions and monitor the work, ensuring everything goes according to your requirements.

Do you want to install solar panels at the best price?

Aid available in 2024

Self-consumption bonus

  • Description : The Self-Consumption Bonus is financial support offered by the State to encourage the production of solar energy.
  • Amounts :
    • < 3 kWp : €1,100.
    • Up to 100 kWp : Up to €10,000.
  • Frequency : Amounts revised every three months.
  • Objective : Promote self-consumption by helping owners make their investment profitable.

EDF purchase obligation

  • Description : EDF buys the excess electricity produced.
  • Terms :
    • Power less than or equal to 500 kWp.
    • Sale of all or surplus.
    • Professional installer certification.
    • Carbon footprint less than 550 kg CO2/kWp.
    • Installation on a building, a shed or a shade house.

MaPrimeRénov’ adapted to solar panels

  • Description : Subsidy to finance thermal (hot water) and hybrid (electricity and heating) solar panels.
  • Eligibility Criteria :
    • Be an owner-occupier or lessor.
    • Housing at least 15 years old, occupied two-thirds of the year.
    • Request before work begins.

Preparing for an energy-efficient summer

With summer approaching and the days getting longer, now is the perfect time to maximize your home’s solar potential. Once the panels are installed, they will be able to capture the maximum amount of solar energy during the long summer days, reducing energy costs from the first year.

Optimization of financial aid

May is also the ideal time to take advantage of the various aid and grants available. In France, the State and certain local authorities offer tax credits, bonuses or aid to encourage the installation of solar panels. Starting the process in May allows you to obtain this aid while anticipating possible future legislative changes.

Contribution to the environment

Installing solar panels reduces the carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy. By investing in solar energy, you are participating in the ecological transition, an approach in line with the government’s objectives and society’s growing environmental concerns.

Synergy with electric vehicles

For electric vehicle owners, installing solar panels at home is of even greater interest. By combining a charging station and solar panels, it becomes possible to power your vehicle with locally produced energy. This synergy reduces dependence on fossil fuels, reduces recharging costs and ensures increased energy autonomy, making the vehicle truly environmentally friendly. You can therefore drive with complete ecological awareness, knowing that each kilometer traveled is powered by clean energy.

Increase in the value of your property

Properties equipped with solar panels are more attractive to potential buyers, who are looking for energy-efficient solutions. This increases the value of your property and gives you a competitive advantage in the real estate market.

Our Guides to Choosing Your Solar Panels:


The May holidays represent an ideal opportunity to undertake a solar panel installation project. With the free time to supervise the work, the subsidies to be seized, the arrival of summer, and the possibility of creating effective synergy with an electric vehicle, you will quickly be able to benefit from this renewable energy. This installation increases the value of your property, reduces your energy costs and actively contributes to the fight against climate change.

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