Space X is a few days away from the first manned flight but Elon Musk’s company is also working on the deployment of the Starlink constellation.

I find that the subject is still rather confidential, although it will certainly be a revolution once we benefit directly or indirectly from the services offered by this constellation.

At the last call conference following the release of the California company’s financial results for Q4 2019, the question had already been asked.

Several cases of use emerge:

  • Usage data: the Starlink network could make it possible to receive directly (without going through an operator) all the information that the vehicle can share.
  • Internet access: While Internet access will always be part of the vehicle, given the services required for electric driving (such as the supercharger card), it is likely that high-speed premium access will be offered to owners. This is in our opinion the interpretation of the announcement of the premium package made today by Caradisiac. We believe that the objective is not to charge customers for a service that has long been integrated into Tesla’s production costs. But that customers are prepared to pay for a new world of on-board services!
  • autonomous operation: it is very likely that Tesla operates this network to handle Starlink-Tesla and Tesla-Tesla data exchanges.

The Starlink network, while it is not of much interest today as it is being rolled out, the new services offered to Tesla owners will be considerable. We’ll talk to you about it very soon.


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